The above is about the introduction of

The above is about the introduction of how to care for cervical health care, I hope that these common sense can help women friends, but also hope that patients with cervical disease can recover soon!
In addition, female friends should also note that a considerable number of patients may have no symptoms or obviousness in the early stage, and some women may also have symptoms similar to mild cervical erosion because they often take birth control pills, but they are not true cervical erosion. This requires regular gynaecological examination to eliminate the danger, early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment.

6, regular physical examination, can effectively eliminate the danger, cervicitis caused by childbirth, abortion and uterine surgery injury or ascending infection, usually manifested as increased vaginal discharge, yellowing, foul odor and sexual life bleeding, lumbosacral pain.

5, be wary of the misunderstanding of blind medication. For example, when you find that you have mild cervical inflammation, most women tend to buy drugs to wash themselves, but if the washing method is not appropriate, the temperature is not suitable, or the use of the device is not appropriate, it is easy to cause damage to the vaginal intima, not only can not eliminate the disease, On the contrary, it will aggravate the condition.

4, gynecological surgery should find experienced doctors, the operation should be sterile, gentle, to prevent iatrogenic infections, injuries

3, sexual life is strictly prohibited during menstruation and postpartum, avoiding pathogenic bacteria taking advantage of

2, recognize the misunderstanding, pay attention to the details, regular gynecological examination, such as a cervical smear examination once a year, in order to detect cervical inflammation early, for treatment

1, find symptoms, clear hazards, if women find that they have increased vaginal discharge, lumbosacral pain, pelvic fall and dysmenorrhea, etc., this may be the performance of cervicitis, patients should be vigilant, as soon as possible treatment

Generally speaking, female friends can care for the cervix from the following aspects when they are living in peace:

Speaking of how women should care for the cervix every day, we must first know. Because the cervix is ??a barrier to protect the uterus, it is an important line of defense against pathogen invasion into the uterine cavity. At the same time, the uterus is also one of the most vulnerable sites. Therefore, women should pay attention to the uterus during their normal life.


For women, the cervix is ??the second hotbed for babies, and you must protect this part if you want to have a baby. However, this part of the cervix is ??a very problematic part, so women must take care of their cervix in their daily lives. How do women care for the cervix?