1. Guan Yuan. Guanyuan Point is the point

1. Guan Yuan. Guanyuan Point is the point of Renmai, and it is also the point of recruitment of small intestine. It is the intersection of Yuanyin and Yuanyang, which is the place where “men’s


Tibetan essence and women’s blood storage”. Moxibustion Guanyuan point has the function of tonifying kidney and solidifying, regulating qi and returning to yang, can improve the function of spleen and stomach biochemical qi and blood, promote intestinal peristalsis, enhance its absorption of nutrients, and irregular menstruation (endocrinology gynecology) Gynecological diseases such as dysmenorrhea (gynecology) and vaginal discharge are effective.

Buqi Yangxue

10. Exercise recovery is slow. If you have chest tightness, shortness of breath, and fatigue, it is difficult to recover. It means lack of blood and blood. After exercise, you will have plenty of energy and plenty of blood.

9. Easy to lose sleep. Sleeping fast, sleep calm, breathing evenly, sleep to wake up naturally, indicating that the blood is very adequate. Insomnia, convulsions, and more dreams generally represent blood deficiency.

8. The gums are atrophied. If you find that the gap between the teeth becomes bigger and more and more easy to plug your teeth, you should pay attention. The atrophy of the gums represents the lack of blood, the body is already going downhill, and aging is accelerating.

7. The index finger has blue veins. If the adult’s index finger can see the blue veins, it means that the digestive function is not good in childhood, and after the adulthood, the human body is weak, and the blood and blood are both deficient; if the palm is close to the wrist, the pattern is more and deeper. When I was young, my nutrition was poor, my constitution was weak, and my blood was not enough. After adulthood, women are more susceptible to gynecological diseases, and men are prone to prostatic hypertrophy and gout (rheumatism).

6. Fingers are weak. Whether the child is an adult or not, if the finger is flat, weak, or thin at the fingertips, it means that the blood is not enough; if the finger is full and the meat is elastic, it means that the blood is sufficient.

5. The palm is overheated. If the hands are warm all year round, it means that people have enough blood. If the palms are hot or sweaty, hands are cold, it means lack of blood.

4. The ears are wrinkled. If the ear is faint pink, shiny, non-spotted, wrinkle-free, full, it means sufficient blood. The dullness and dullness mean that the blood has dropped. If the ear is atrophied, boring, spotted, and wrinkled, it means that kidney function begins to fail.

3. Dry hair. Dry hair, hair loss, yellowing, whitishness, and split ends mean that the blood is not enough; the hair is black, thick, and supple, which means that the blood is sufficient.

2. The skin is rough. The skin is rough, dull, dark, yellow, white, blue, red, and long spots all represent poor health and lack of blood. On the contrary, the skin is white with pink, shiny, elastic, wrinkle-free, and non-spotted, representing sufficient blood.

1. The eyes are yellow and yellow. As the saying goes, “people are old and yellow”, that is, the color of the white eyes becomes cloudy, yellow, and bloodshot, which may be insufficient blood. Eye bags are large, dry eyes, heavy eyelids, and also lack of blood.

Whether there is insufficient blood, female friends can judge from the following points.

There are ten external performances

Menstrual disorders: lack of blood, women’s internal circulation will not be smooth, more likely to lead to qi stagnation and blood stasis, affecting menstruation, common symptoms are delayed menstruation, less menstrual flow, and even menstrual thinning, amenorrhea (endocrinology gynecology) situation . ▲

Breast disease: Insufficient blood and blood often cause qi stagnation and blood stasis, liver qi stagnation, leading to breast disease, the most common is breast hyperplasia (mammary surgery).

Harmful gastrointestinal: normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract requires adequate blood supply, lack of blood, gastrointestinal tract ischemia, which weakens gastrointestinal function, leading to poor gastrointestinal function, causing chronic gastritis (digestive medicine).

Harm the pancreas: lack of blood, can not produce enough insulin, sugar will not be normally metabolized and left in the body, leading to elevated blood sugar.

Harm the kidneys: The kidneys are the detoxification organs of the body. If the kidneys are not well fed, there is not enough power to expel all the toxins. Symptoms such as high uric acid may occur.

Harm the liver: fatty liver and hyperlipidemia (endocrinology) are caused by long-term liver ischemia. If you don’t have a problem with your liver, you must first ensure that your blood supply is sufficient.

Harm the brain: Insufficient blood can damage the brain, dizziness or memory loss, which is the initial manifestation of blood deficiency in the brain.

Harm the heart: Insufficient blood, often lead to palpitation, shortness of breath, chest tightness and other symptoms, such as frequent occurrences, indicating that the heart is not enough blood, should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, so as not to delay the disease.

95% of clinical female patients have qi and blood deficiency. Because women have the process of consuming gas and blood, such as moon, pregnancy, and production, they are prone to lack of blood. The most common performance is fatigue, dull complexion, easy to produce acne, acne, etc., but also affect the menstrual cycle, the amount of bleeding. If it is not timely adjusted, the internal organs will also be harmed, pathological damage, and even cause various chronic diseases.

The five internal organs are the most affected

Editor’s Note: “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” contains: “The owner of the human, blood and gas ear.” Chinese medicine believes that the gas is yin, is the power of the human body; blood is the yang, is the source of this power, healthy body should be yin and yang harmony. However, when the blood is not enough, and the blood is incapable of commanding and promoting, it will not be able to reach the place where the body needs it; if the blood is not based on blood, it becomes a evil fire in the body, that is, the Chinese medicine often says that “. It can be seen that the blood is not sufficient and harmonious, and the human body cannot reach a healthy state.