Tips: Corn contains a lot of dietary fib

Tips: Corn contains a lot of dietary fiber, which is a good health care product in coarse grains, which is beneficial to promote human digestion. Corn is a slimming staple food, rich in nutrients, and glycogen, which is not easily absorbed by the body, and is good for weight loss.
Practice: Mix the materials with boiling water. If you feel that you are not full enough, you can cook a fresh corn the night before, and microwave the next morning with corn bran.

This breakfast is a healthy, nutritious meal based on corn.

Ingredients: 2 tablespoons corn flour, 1 teaspoon of milk, 1 spoon of cereal

Second, corn diet breakfast

Tips: This breakfast has the most Chinese characteristics. The benefits of women drinking soy milk can prevent gynecological diseases. Soymilk is a vegetable protein, carbohydrate and protein food, and is rich in nutrients.

Practice: In fact, it is very simple to make soy milk, buy a soymilk machine, soak the soy milk the night before, put the soybeans in the soymilk machine in the morning, it only takes 15 minutes, a bowl of hot soy milk just fine, except the soybeans You can also add black beans and red beans to make your nutrition and beauty.

Other staple foods such as soy milk with fritters are good choices.

Material: soy milk

First, soy milk meal

Recommended breakfast

Of course, the term “oil” as used herein refers to high quality oil. Such as the right amount of olive oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, wheat germinated oil, walnut oil, nuts and so on.

High-fat foods can help regulate the body’s metabolic mechanisms. When eating lunch, dinner, and snacks, the body can effectively burn calories and avoid metabolic syndrome.

The study found that the task of breakfast is to start the body’s metabolism, is the most important meal of the day, if you only eat carbohydrate food in the breakfast, it can only help to increase the consumption of carbohydrates in one day, and if you add fat at the same time Food, then the energy use of a day can find a balance between carbohydrates and fat. At the same time, eating fat foods in the morning can be fully digested, so proper intake of fat for breakfast is good for weight loss.

Slimming breakfast, add some oil

If there is no fruit or vegetable in a meal, then the amount of dietary fiber is difficult to meet the needs of the human body, and nutrients such as potassium and magnesium are difficult to balance. But it is not easy for busy modern people to have fruits and vegetables in their breakfast. In fact, eating a bowl of vegetable salad, taro, bread with a few slices of lettuce, cucumber, adding some greens when cooking noodles, or washing the fruit on the road, is a simple and easy way.

Fruits and vegetables make your skin moist and digest

How to eat breakfast can lose weight

The breakfast of many office workers is basically fritters and biscuits, and even some people will eat it easily. The common feature of these three kinds of breakfast is the high fat content, which not only makes you eat more salty, but also the fat inside. The content is too much, so that you can quickly gain weight. If you want to lose weight, you should touch these foods less. The following small series will reveal the reasons for the fatness of these three types of breakfast!

What to eat in the morning is the easiest to gain weight

What to eat for breakfast?

It took a long time to lose weight, but the effect of weight loss is not very good. Many people fail to lose weight mainly because they lose weight in diet. Diet during weight loss is an important factor in weight loss success.