Although the maternal abdomen belt can m

Although the maternal abdomen belt can make the mothers recover their bodies as soon as possible, but the mothers must also use the abdomen belt at the right time. The best time to use the maternal belly belt and the correct method of use, the mothers Be sure to know! If you are experiencing discomfort due to the use of abdomen, stop using it immediately!
6. When disassembling, remember to recycle the tape while disassembling, so as not to entangle the straps together. If it is a ready-made abdomen, loose the strap directly and take it off.

5, if the body is thin, the hip bone is prominent, the abdomen can not be close to the stomach, you need to put a towel, and then use the abdomen belt.

4, bundled abdomen belt should pay attention to each time tied 12 times, the abdomen is larger with 3 straps, and be careful not to tie too tight, otherwise it will make you breathe poorly.

3, divided into two paragraphs, tied from the pubic bone to the navel, when tied, remember to repeat the winding in the first few laps, the last few laps, and spiral bundled. If you buy a ready-made abdomen belt directly, put it directly on the abdomen and tighten the strap.

2, hands on the abdomen, position down, hands on the back of the stomach, palms outward, clockwise massage the stomach, so that the abdomen is relaxed.

1. Lying on the bed, lying flat, two knees standing up, feet on the bed, keeping the thighs at right angles to the abdomen, it is best to pad 2 cushions under the buttocks.

How to use the abdomen

If it is a good abdomen belt, it can bring good shrinkage and abdomen effect to women. The abdomen is the part of postpartum women’s fat accumulation. Many women do not pay attention to their own, resulting in postpartum body deformation, abdominal fat protruding, there is a “swim ring”, dressing is not beautiful. Even some women are sick because of abdominal cramps. Therefore, it is best for postpartum women to buy abdomen to make themselves more beautiful.

After using the abdomen belt, if the mother does not have symptoms of discomfort within 24 hours, it means that the abdominal pressure can be withstood and can continue to be used. When in use, wear during the day, take off the abdomen belt during meals and half an hour after meal, and then wear it for no more than 8 hours a day.

Usually, it is best to use the abdomen after 2 days of delivery. If it is a caesarean section, it should be used after 6 days, because the caesarean section has a wound in the abdomen. If the abdomen belt forms pressure on the wound, it will cause injury. Mothers should not use the wrong, so as not to affect the body.

When is the best for maternal abdomen?

The mothers who gave birth to their children are very easy to shape, and the beautiful mothers want to do all sorts of ways to lose weight. The most common one is to use the abdomen belt after childbirth. So how much do you know about the maternal abdomen belt? When is the best use of the maternal abdomen? Do you know the correct use of the maternal abdomen?