Clinical practice has shown that pregnant women h

Clinical practice has shown that pregnant women have no obvious discomfort when they are infected or have symptoms similar to the common cold, but larvae can be transmitted to the fetus through the placenta. In severe cases, miscarriage, stillbirth, or development of the fetal


brain may occur, resulting in deformities such as small head, big head (hydrocephalus) or no brain. To this end, the experts warned that in order to make the fetus healthy, winter pregnant women should avoid eating hot pot, and occasionally eat, must be cooked and cooked.

The larvae of Toxoplasma gondii are often hidden in the muscle cells of such infected animals and are invisible to the naked eye. In the winter, when people eat hot pot, they are used to put the tender pieces of meat into the boiled soup, and eat it a little while. Such short heating does not kill the Toxoplasma gondii larvae that are parasitic in the flesh cells. After eating, the larvae can pass through the intestinal wall in the intestines and spread throughout the body with the blood.

According to the relevant departments, the infection rate of Toxoplasma gondii was 61.4%, pigs were 20.6%, cattle were 13.2%, and geese were 35%, while dogs were particularly amazing, reaching more than 70%.

Winter pregnant women avoid eating hot pot

Yang deficiency cold body and more food warm food: If you feel cold and chilly limbs, long urine, thin stools, white complexion, it may belong to yang deficiency cold body, can be appropriate to supplement beef, lamb, chicken, jaundice, Warm foods such as fish, jujube, chestnut, sassafras, and garlic.

Yin yin physique eat more foods that nourish yin and clear heat: If the nose and mouth are dry, the complexion is red, the hands and feet are hot, the urine is yellow, and the stool is dry. It is basically a yin-deficiency physique. You should choose more foods that are nourishing yin and clearing heat. Such as sea cucumber, turtle, duck, rabbit, white fungus, black fungus, tofu, alfalfa, lily, leeks, spinach and so on.

Most women have yin deficiency after pregnancy, and the internal heat is heavier. For example, if you eat too much warm and hot food, it is easy to “fire on fire”. In severe cases, symptoms such as red belly pain and threatened abortion and premature birth may occur.

Winter pregnant women tonic notes


Pregnant women in early pregnancy can eat light, delicious, nutritious and easily digestible foods. In the middle and late stages, they should pay attention to eating milk, lean meat, animal offal, soy products, vegetables and fruits, etc., in order to achieve calcium supplementation, iron supplementation and nutritional supplementation. . Pregnant women should not eat too much warm and dry things, such as peppers, so as not to cause constipation.

Winter tonic should be based on the principle of light, fresh, balanced and nutritious. When the weather is cold, many office workers’ mothers are used to drinking noodles when they are eating out at noon. However, because there are fewer vegetables in ramen and rice noodles, the salt in the soup is more and the nutrition is not comprehensive, so don’t eat it often. As well. Eating hot pot in winter is also what everyone likes. The family sits together, steaming, and happy. When pregnant women eat hot pot, they should pay attention to thoroughly cooking all kinds of meat and then eat. Second, don’t eat too much without knowing it. , intake of excessive heat.

In winter, due to the high calorie consumption, the digestive function of pregnant women is relatively enhanced. Therefore, nutrition should be properly supplemented to meet the physiological needs of the mother and fetus. You can eat more lean meat, eggs, fish, soy products, etc. Vegetables and fruits should not be ignored. To meet the body’s need for vitamins.

Winter pregnant woman ‘s diet

4. Underwear is best to choose a cotton fabric with strong moisture absorption and good hand feeling. The underwear should be dry and loose. The heel should be highly suitable and the sole should preferably be non-slip.

3. Don’t wear tight clothes. Wearing too tight may affect the blood circulation of the placenta, which affects the growth and development of the fetus, and is not conducive to the cleanliness of the genital area.

2. It is not advisable to wear too thick, because the metabolism of pregnant women is relatively strong, and the amount of heat dissipated by the skin is increased. If you wear too much, it is easy to sweat, and it is easier to catch a cold after going out to blow.

1. Usually pay more attention to the weather forecast. When the cold current hits, you must wear three layers of warmth. You can properly match the scarf, hat, gloves, and flat boots with good warmth to prevent the feet from getting cold. Returning to the warm home from the cold outdoors, expectant mothers should change the appropriate warm home clothes and cotton slippers according to the room temperature.

Cold weather, cold stimulation can cause vasoconstriction, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, thus affecting fetal growth and development, so mothers must pay attention to moderate warmth. The following points should be noted:

Winter pregnant women ‘s clothing


The onset of winter, the temperature gradually decreased, then the winter pregnant women how health ? Experts said that pregnant women winter clothing in terms of diet tonic to pay attention, here’s a look at the winter pregnant women and health presentation tips of it!