Staying up late to play mobile phones,

Staying up late to play mobile phones, although it is not good, there will be people playing. Of course, Xiaobian’s suggestion is only to prevent the harm caused by mobile phones, but not all


of them are effective, but it is still possible to help you avoid some minor diseases. In addition to playing mobile phones, I suggest that you have a lot of health , not a classic saying that “the body is the capital of the revolution”!

Rest is for better play. When we are tired of playing mobile phones, there may be dizziness and insufficient blood supply to the brain. Therefore, after playing for a while, you must rest and rest. Every night, at 11 o’clock in the evening, our body will go to sleep, and it will only make us more injured. If you want to play longer, rest and rest properly.

Pay attention to the rest when playing mobile phones for an hour.

Although it is not good to lie down and play with the phone, in order to reduce the damage, playing with the head up can greatly reduce the injury. Except for the elbow, the other parts of the human body are relaxed. Except for the elbow, the eye will be tired, and the other parts will not work. This is also the least impact on health.

There is really no way to lie down, it is best to play with your head up

According to relevant research, prone lying on our brain is easy to cause blood circulation, the whole person is very easy to fatigue, hinder the body’s metabolism, causing ischemia. This is why it is important to emphasize that you should not lie down and play with your mobile phone!

Never lie down and play with your phone

Turning the screen of the mobile phone to the night mode is to adapt the mobile phone to the night. Our feeling is that the color difference is used to reflect the recognition. If the color difference is too large, the vision will become difficult. So at night we have to choose cool colors instead of warm colors.

Try to adjust the phone screen to play in night mode

Let the light of the phone echo the other light in the space, and our space is darker throughout the night. If you don’t turn the light down as much as possible, your neck will be stressed. It will be easy to fatigue if you stretch it for a long time. In order to let the body relax, don’t let us stretch the neck to play, just turn the light of the phone as low as possible.

Keep your phone’s light down as much as possible

When the entire space is very dark, our eyes are prone to fatigue. If we only open a small table lamp, our eyes only stare at the mobile phone, and the light from the mobile phone shines directly into the eyes, so that the eyes are in this state for a long time, stimulated by the light, and the radiation need not be said to be very large.

When playing mobile phones, don’t just drive a small table lamp, it’s very hurtful.

Relevant experts have done relevant research. In the dark, only the mobile phone emits light, which directly hits our eyes, which is likely to cause us to have eye diseases. So you can’t help it at night, you need to play with your mobile phone, then you must ensure that the indoor lighting is bright, of course, this bright should pay attention to moderation.

Playing mobile phones at night must ensure that the interior lights are bright

Staying up late to play with your mobile phone, you have to pay attention to playing mobile phones at night.

Is it good to play mobile phones day and night? Anyone can do nothing now, but the mobile phone can’t be without it. However, we all know that mobile phones are radiant and have certain damage to people’s bodies, especially staying up late to play mobile phones. So, how to avoid the harm caused by mobile phones? The following small series share some small details that must be paid attention to when playing mobile phones at night. Interested friends can refer to the reference.