The above is the efficacy and function

The above is the efficacy and function of the horse melon and all the precautions. I believe that many friends have not eaten the horse melon, and the role of this is also to try.
Therapeutic effect: sweet, cool, bitter, non-toxic, into the spleen, stomach, large intestine; with detoxification, heat removal, heat, water, diuretic and other effects; attending polydipsia, fire eyes, sore throat, burns.

Inappropriate: abdominal pain diarrhea, spleen and stomach weakness, lung cold cough, because of its cold, stomach cold people may have abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Suitable for: the best food for diabetics; edema patients, cancer patients, fever patients, obese patients, hypertensive patients, hyperlipidemia patients, alcoholics patients can eat more.

Note on horse melon

The anti-aging effect, in which vitamin E can prevent aging and prolong life; the cucumber enzyme can promote metabolism. It is rubbed onto the surface of the skin with horse melon juice, which lubricates the skin and reduces wrinkles.

The effect of lowering blood sugar, such as fructose and glucoside, is generally not involved in the usual sugar metabolism, so many people with diabetes now use cucumber instead of starchy food to fill the hunger, blood sugar will not rise, and some will decrease.

Anti-tumor effect, wherein cucurbitacin C can improve human immune function, also has anti-tumor effect, and can treat chronic hepatitis.

There is a role of weight loss and strong body, in which the propanol diacid can inhibit the conversion of sugars into fat. Cellulose promotes the elimination of spoilage substances in the human intestines, lowers cholesterol in the body, and strengthens the body.

To prevent alcoholism, arginine, alanine and glutamine have adjuvant treatment for liver patients and patients with alcoholic cirrhosis, which can prevent alcoholism.

The efficacy and role of horse melon

The efficacy and function of horse melon and the precautions

Horse melon is an annual herb, long like melon, very sweet and delicious. The nutritional value is very high, then, what is the effect and role of horse melon? Let’s take a look at it.