The man is eager for the sex secret that his wife knows

Many wives think that men make love for sex. In fact, this is only one aspect. They need more emotional communication. Sometimes men want to hug, kiss or communicate, or just say what they think. Men also need the comfort of women, and the wife often can not really understand the needs of men, think that men’s interest is the frequency they can do. In fact, sexual intercourse is common to both men and women. Men are the easiest to satisfy as long as women have more understanding and care. So what is the sexual secret that a man wants his wife to know? First, sex is not always necessary. A man’s sexual desire is not necessarily satisfied by making love. In the intimate contact between husband and wife, the wife’s bird is very beautiful and charming. Sweet words can make your husband excited and create an intimate and comfortable experience. Second, sexual requirements are no better than women. Many women always think that their husbands are not satisfied with their sexual life. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. In real life, men are most afraid of their wives that they do not have sexual ability, so sometimes men often ask their wives about their sexual needs. They don’t really need them, but they worry that they will have sex for a while, and their wives will say they are incompetent, and even if they can’t, they must stick to their wives. Third, you need to caress before making love. Some wives are not satisfied with the husband’s sexual behavior. They feel that their husbands are not doing their best, and some even think that their husband is solving the problem. In fact, this is not the case. It is not that the husband does not want to have sex, nor because the wife lacks charm, but because of the lack of sexual prelude, the man’s sexual desire does not really ignite. In fact, men also need caress to inspire their enthusiasm. Fourth, sex is not the only thing Many wives think that the gender of a man is the only one he is interested in. In fact, this is very one-sided, and men actually need more emotional communication. Sometimes men just want to hug or kiss, or say something in their heart. Fifth, love also has sexual pleasure. Men can also enjoy sexual pleasure in love. The deeper they are, the more satisfied they are with pleasure. Many men who have been married for many years are most worried that their wives do not understand that they need romance. Said that they are not superficial like men. In summary, we know that men want their wives to know what kind of sexual secrets. Many wives do not fully understand men’s sexual psychology and sexual requirements. Men also have some sexual secrets that they want to tell women. Only when they understand each other’s secrets can they enjoy more fun in their married life and contribute to the happiness of their lives.