We have to pay attention to these signals between husband and wife.

Maintaining a good husband-and-wife relationship is definitely not a simple matter. We need to do the preparatory work in our daily life and understand some common-sense issues that can maintain the relationship between husband and wife. Try to avoid problems caused by ignorance of the couple because you don’t understand these problems. First, you need to understand why this happens, and what signals appear to represent the relationship between the couple. Planned sex time, such as “Friday Night”, “Tuesday afternoon” or “after the news”, ignores one of the most basic characteristics of sex: spontaneity. In the two sexes, no one can always have perfect sex. Even if you have a passionate partner, one day you may suddenly discover the passion that has brought you unlimited entertainment, like the passing of clouds. Recently, the famous American male website “Ask him” the latest article, summed up the major signals before sex became flat, and asked sex experts to provide relevant advice to prevent passion from becoming a chicken. Signal 1: The sex time is included in the schedule of “Friday Night”, “Tuesday afternoon” or “after the news”, and ignores one of the most basic characteristics of sex: spontaneity. Car refueling needs regular timing, but sex is also copied, which will inevitably lead to the loss of sex. Expert advice: To overcome this, men can grasp their “sexual impulses” and give her a surprise when her wife is most unexpected. If you don’t like to caress while cooking, you can choose an “unplanned time” passion. Morning sex or Sunday date is a good choice. Signal 2: Sex is only 10 minutes long. If sex is only 10 minutes from beginning to end, it is definitely an abnormal phenomenon. Occasionally, a one-time love of fast food will add interest to the couple’s life. However, normal sex life cannot always be so sloppy. Experts suggest that in order to extend the sex time, be sure to do a 10-minute foreplay. Inadequate foreplay and reckless behavior will inevitably lead to sexual ignorance and longevity. In addition, the warmth and love after sex should last longer. Signal 3: There are many reasons for the lack of lubricity of the wife to cause female vaginal dryness. It is very important that sexual excitement is insufficient. The lack of effective sexual induction or sexual love methods by the males will make the woman’s psychological preparation inadequate and cannot be fully aroused. Expert advice: Kissing, hugging, caressing and stimulating sensitive areas in the foreplay can greatly improve the lubricity of women and make couples’ sex more smooth. Signal 4: Sexuality is the same. If sex foreplay, sexual posture, and the way to reach orgasm are always the same, it is easy for both sides to become bored. Expert advice: Occasionally try a new sex posture, which will make both husband and wife feel the stimulation And surprises. The way of sex should be creative, and only when it is constantly changing can it be fresh and more stimulating. Many couples’ problems are caused by substandard sexual life. Therefore, when considering how to maintain a good husband-and-wife relationship, it is necessary to understand which ways of sex can help maintain the marital relationship.