High Emotional Couples: Frank Secret Secrets Have Skills

We have seen in many movies that when one party discovers that the other party conceals or deceives itself, both parties will be heartbroken. So, should there be a secret between husband and wife? What secret can you tell your spouse honestly? The practice of low EQ is to deny it until it is beaten by facts. What are the practices of high EQ? Marriage consultants point out that some secrets are purely personal privacy or preferences and can be completely ignored. If you make some extra money, you may not always report to your spouse. However, if something may affect the lives of a couple, the other party has the right to understand that the outstanding debt, chronic illness, past sexual or emotional problems, and some of the important options currently facing, such as company layoffs, are husband and wife. A topic that should be carefully communicated. If you don’t speak out these secrets, if you accidentally expose them, marriage may face a double blow: the first is the impact of each other on the truth; the second is the betrayal and distrust generated by the other. Admitting secrets requires certain skills. If you don’t master them well, you may be “doing bad things with good intentions.” Marriage experts summed up four points to note: First, don’t suddenly attack. You can spend some time with the other party, such as “I have something important to tell you, can you take some time to talk tonight?” Second, choose the “leak” occasion. It’s best to find a safe, neutral place, such as a study or a quiet park. It’s best not to have a third party or even a child. Third, prepare to apologize. The correct attitude should be to say “I’m sorry” first, then emphasize “I should have told you these things long ago, but I am very embarrassed, I hope you can forgive me.” Finally, you don’t have to reveal too much detail when you repent. Otherwise, it will leave an impression that is difficult to remove, and it will not help the other person’s feelings.