How do married couples use the cipher to “speak” sexual requirements?

Between husband and wife, sexual desire and love always seem to have a “low season”, which makes people suffer from want but can not be tortured. At this time, “sexual cues” has become the best “antidote”. The role of the “cipher” in the life of a couple and how to use it properly. The sexual relationship between husband and wife is normal, but many people think this is the hardest to say. think about it. When you want to be close to him, you can’t just say “we go to bed”, especially when your child is around. When the couple went through a scene together, in this scene, you fell in love with each other. Then, find a word related to the scene, it will evoke your memory, the word is a good signal. For example, a couple always have a candlelight dinner on their honeymoon, so they use a “candle” as a signal. When they have children and want to be intimate, there will always be people who say, “Dear, let’s see if there are candles.” For a moment, the passion of the honeymoon turns into a current, and the current passes through the sides of the body, allowing them to immediately Put down your work and come to the bedroom. Anna, 37, said that when she first saw her husband, I said to him: “You are my home.” After 10 years, Anna and her husband already have two children, but this sentence is always theirs. A sign before intimacy. Sophie and her husband both work in big companies, and when they call each other, there are many colleagues around. “I don’t want my colleagues to hear our sweet words clearly, so there are some signs between us.” Sophie said, “For example, when we answer the phone, we will say “unbelievable”, which means our love. It is unbeatable.” Sometimes, the signals used in public are not necessarily words, but actions. Catherine said: “My husband likes to touch his nose. We use this to express love. So he often does this to me in public, whether it is a big party, a family dinner or a children’s game. This is a little secret between us. I like this feeling. You know, men are always concise, and women have a lot of subtle words, which brings problems to the communication between the two sides. And the signal is always simple, so when the woman signals the information to When a man is a man, the man will feel clean, the woman will feel emotional, and the communication barrier will be eliminated. Wei Wei and her husband kiss at 12 o’clock every day.” At this time 23 years ago, we held a wedding. We celebrate our marriage and express our love. “Vivean said,” I invented the password, and my husband liked it very much because he didn’t have to bother to think about the long story nonsense. He always said that I invented the code and he turned it into a tradition. Sometimes, passwords can even save a marriage. Wendy is the first time. When I saw her husband, she was a bartender. Her husband was a customer. Their first conversation was Wendy. “Do you need French fries?” Since then, it has become their signal. After getting married, when they quarreled, one of them suddenly asked: “Do you need French fries?” Then they laughed together and put on makeup together.