What are the most popular women in the intercourse?

Sex is a way of life for women. When enjoying sex, we should pay attention to the satisfaction of psychological needs, so that we can get a better experience in sex life. Sexual life is important to everyone. Women need to master some tips to get satisfaction in their sexual life. Using these skills can help them get a better feel. “When you have sex, please don’t be so serious.” The essence of sex is a “game,” but many men are too serious. They forgot to laugh and didn’t make romantic pranks. This often makes sexual tension and lethargy, both men and women can not enjoy sexual pleasure. “I like physical contact and caress, sometimes not related to sex.” Women like romance. Embrace, hold hands and kiss to make them happy. But many women complain that, except for the foreplay, men rarely have such close relationships with them. So, often hug and kiss her, she will feel happy. “After making love, I want to be more gentle.” Some women complain that the man fell asleep as soon as he finished. In fact, many men never make intimate gestures after the climax. But at this point, women expect more hugs or chats, which will make them more satisfied. “Happy conversations can best evoke my sexual desire.” Before making love, women like to talk to men about their lives and thoughts. They want couples to relax, chat on the couch, or walk and chat. At this time, if a man can say “I love you” and “I am very concerned about you”, women will have a strong sexual desire. “For women, sex and life are inseparable.” Men can usually separate the stress and sex of life, but women can’t. How their lover treated her outside the bedroom directly affected her performance in bed. For example, her indifference, harsh words, rude tone, etc., will make her unable to have sex, and her enthusiasm cannot be high. “I will worry about my old face and worry about losing my appeal to you.” For the old husband and wife, the wives often worry that their attraction to the husband is not that big. Therefore, many women dare to take off their clothes only after turning off the lights. A careful man will feel the anxiety of a woman. If she is no longer as beautiful as a flower, there is no need to deceive her, and there is no need to say that she is no longer attractive. We should use action to show that she is still attractive to you. Women also have unique psychological needs when making love. This is what women care about and need to meet. Sometimes men should pay more attention to these things.