Why do men not want to find a confidante?

In this era when it is difficult for men and women to have pure friendship, some non-single men still hope that they can have female friends and call them confidantes. Married women will forbid men to say a few more words with other women. In their view, as long as a man can’t disconnect, it must be a lover. In recent years, the “confidante” has begun to replace the position of the lover and has become popular. Why do men want to find a confidante? 1. Having a beautiful “iron buddy” will make people more proud. Men may be eager to have a confidante. If good friends are good wine, female friends are undoubtedly very intoxicating. They are more careful, because they have different status and are more able to help men than lovers; If it is a red face full of temperament, doing things even more powerful than men, this is a wonderful thing. 2, confidant is a kind of dedication that does not ask for a return is a practical man, but unfortunately the unfavorable career failed. The wife can’t help, and the friend of the snow for many years has been with him and started again from scratch, just like when he started from scratch. Two years later, Xuan Dongshan revived, the house car came back, and the family resumed its former affluent life. In the past two years, the snow has not only done what ordinary friends have done, but also paid the woman’s unique wisdom and gentleness. In fact, this is the case. For a confidante like Snow, the happiness and success of Xuan is the reward she wants. 3, such a gentle embrace, how can not let the man’s heart move if he is depressed, may be drunk, if a little strength and courage, may find someone to fight. However, if there is a considerate female friend, he may be able to talk to her and even cry. Men don’t easily tell the same kind of distress in the heart, because in their view, this is a ridiculous and weak approach. However, the red face is different, they are willing to listen to his heart, better understand his heart than the wife in the family. 4, she does not monopolize you, but with your heart, once a woman becomes a wife, they no longer look at men objectively, they like to monopolize, confidante will not. Most people have their own hidden character. If the other half of the man is a woman, it is more likely to be the confidante. 5, confidante is usually very smart a woman wants to be eternal in a man’s life, either as his mother, or as a “confidante” he will never get. After all, the confidante contains a lot of things. Love is too short, marriage is too boring, only confidantes will last long. Therefore, a woman who is able to be a confidante of a man is usually open-minded and intelligent. Under normal circumstances, many men consciously keep a certain distance from those confidantes after marriage, and consciously do not contact outside women. In fact, this is not necessary, women can prevent men from derailing the heart can understand. However, the friendship between men and women is not only love. For men, a pure friendship is also a treasure that he cherishes.