Why do men not accept divorced women?

In our daily life, happy marriages are the same, no difference, but unfortunate marriages really have their own differences. For women, choosing a man is to choose a family, so, before marriage, To understand this man well, to understand his family environment, etc., the so-called door-to-door is really important, then why do men not accept divorced women? Interested friends can come and learn with Xiaobian. ! ! 1, The man’s virgin complex is even more open than before, but the more so, the man’s “virgin complex” is still deeply rooted in the bones. Many men find that their wife is not a virgin after marriage, they will make trouble, and this kind of emotion will become an excuse for his future derailment. So why do men have a strong virgin complex. The man is demanding that the other person is a virgin. In this deep heart, in addition to hope that the other party has not been touched by others, there is also the exclusive desire to brand the favorite woman with only one person. Specifically, in his heart, he secretly embraces such an expectation that a woman who is in the same position as a virgin may develop and shape her according to her own expectations. No man can bear the woman’s comparison with the former man in terms of husband and wife, because this may lead to men losing confidence in sex. Therefore, behind the man’s pursuit of purity, ignorance and innocence, there is actually a man’s uneasiness and childishness towards sex. Therefore, it is not possible to simply equate the virgin complex with the yearning for pure love. 2, men like women with low emotional intelligence are not the same as women, women eager for men’s emotional richness, so that they know how to care for themselves, while men, they want their women to be a blank sheet of paper, in their view, women’s love history too Rich, there will definitely be physical pay. The big manism forces the women they want to be stupid forever, so that they will give them a sense of conquest and a sense of accomplishment. On the other hand, women with rich emotional history must have high emotional intelligence, but for men who say that they like women with low emotional intelligence, they think that silly girls are cute, they will listen to their own words, girls with high emotional intelligence will be invisible. Give them a pressure, they like to “hunt” in the love field, but they do not like “being hunted.” 3, men are rational animals, women are emotional animals, love each time, love deep, women will be moved to cry, and men still do their own way, especially in front of women with rich history, men will unconsciously give up one step, They feel that women’s love history is rich, and they will be changeable and skillful. This kind of insecure feeling is not what they ask for. They only want a simple woman, a woman who can control, so that he will have more. More security. 4, men do not like women with a history of cohabitation, even more reluctant to accept unmarried women with a rich history of love is inevitable to have a history of cohabitation, men can be a sex master, but he is not willing to work with the master in the bed, this is not only It was caused by his virgin complex, and it was their unacceptable desire to conquer and the face and dignity of the great masters. Similarly, they will not accept unmarried pregnancies, and they are less willing to do it. Cheng Dad. 5, men can not accept the existence of their predecessor, especially a number of predecessors, no one is willing to enjoy their wife’s marriage and contact with ex-boyfriend, ex-boyfriend is a dangerous animal for women, also for men If you are in the throat. Therefore, a woman with a rich history will not be peaceful unless you can always break his ex-boyfriend. Speaking a thousand and ten thousand, most men are unable to accept women’s rich love history, even if they are self-centered, lascivious, derailed after marriage, hunting, and they do not want to marry a woman with rich history to avoid They are unsafe and unsightly. It is not as comfortable as it is after marriage. It is better to exclude women with rich history before marriage. If you are jealous of his selfishness or hegemony, he will not be able to change the virtues… Conclusion: I believe that everyone must have a better understanding of this article through the introduction of Xiaobian. Now everyone knows why men are unwilling to accept divorce. Woman, because there are really too many problems, and later problems will slowly emerge, so they are not willing to accept divorced women. Xiao Bian also hopes that this article will help everyone better. If you want to know more information, you can continue to pay attention to our health website. I wish you happiness and well-being!!