Men and women have different sexual reactions

Just married for two months, I had a few arguments with my wife. Not because of anything else, the wife is a good person, that is, the romance novels are much more, and they are not satisfied with the sexual life. I am a worker, my body is very good, my ability in sexual life is absolutely no problem, but my wife always said what I am not romantic enough, I don’t care enough about her in sex life, saying that I don’t want to be too anxious in sex life. I heard that my head was big and I didn’t understand what she wanted. I think that sex life is not complicated. Two people are healthy and have sexual desires. Shouldn’t they have a straightforward life? Do you have anything that is useless? Besides, I will not say the sour words in the romance drama. I only know that my sexual function is normal and my wife has no problem. She should adapt to my style and make her life full of jiqing. But she is now very disgusted with sex life, always relying on excuses, although I love her very much, but she always makes me very angry. Excuse me, how can I help her change? Sex life can’t be “straightforward”. Men and women have different sexual reactions: when a man wants to have sex, it may be easy to enter the state; but a woman’s sexual arousal takes longer, and if there is flirting and caressing during this period, it is easier to enter the state, including yindao Enough secretions, enough desire and mood to make love. And if there is no such process, don’t say “full of jiqing”, even the most basic mood is not, naturally will be disgusted with sex life and dodge. Both husband and wife are equal, she should neither, nor should she adapt to your style. It can only be that you make some adjustments, otherwise she will be more disgusted with sex in the future, and your feelings and marriage will also be affected. This has nothing to do with reading romance novels.