Sexual mental health must be promoted in husband and wife life

Many people have a special love in their lives, and they can even be said to have cleanliness. However, few people have noticed sexual hygiene. Of course, the health we are talking about is not a bath beforehand. What is it, but what is mental health? Sex is a kind of contact from the heart. If there is any knot in the heart and unwillingness. Live, it will reflect the progress of the husband and wife life. Human sexual drive and sexual instinct continue to become elegant and noble, and more emphasis should be placed on the feelings and dignity of both sides in sexual life. Sexual hunger, which is manifested by the naked libido and sexual perverts who abuse the other person, is a denial of the social subject culture. Indulgence of one’s own desires in an abnormal way will not only lead to psychological negative changes, but also make both sides feel shame. Therefore, sexual health must be promoted in the life of couples. Both husband and wife, especially newlyweds, may have different requirements and understandings of sexual life for various reasons. This is quite normal. They should understand each other, respect each other, cooperate with each other, and gradually adapt to each other. They should not disregard the feelings and psychological endurance of both sides, and they must be rushed and imposed on others. It is necessary to pay attention to maintaining a good emotional and emotional state, and to maintain the integrity of one’s personality in the life of the couple. This is very important to maintain the health of the subject and a good personality. It should be considered that many contents in sexual life also reflect people’s cultural upbringing, ideological quality, and psychological quality. In the sexual life of couples, any behavior that leads to and strengthens the formation and development of the subject’s abnormal psychology, although it is likely to harm third parties and society, reflects the unhealthy psychological requirements and habits of the subject. This kind of bad psychology should be corrected by constantly cultivating sentiment, improving self-cultivation, and cultivating lofty beliefs. Many reasons may hinder the healthy development of sexual psychology. For example, self-insertion psychology, excessive narcissism, violent personality traits, long-term suppression of psychological desires to be vented, potential abuse and sadistic desires, and bad friends, the influence of yellow culture, etc., some of these factors may be Potential awareness plays a role under the influence of bad incentives; some may act as incentives to activate potential adverse psychological factors and externalize them into human behavior in different forms. Not paying attention to sexual mental health can lead to many adverse consequences: it can destroy the feelings of both husband and wife, so that one party has escaped and resisted the sexual life, and no longer wants to gradually adapt to each other. It is possible that the female side is sexually indifferent, and the male side is Premature ejaculation, impotence; may change the characteristics of the whole personality, produce abnormal psychology, and even more serious consequences.