Couples want to be happy, they must learn five “don’t”

After the sexual information was approved by the wife, the man was delighted. However, after the joy, there are all kinds of worries. What are men worried about before sex? In fact, men’s psychology is fragile. While satisfying themselves, men care more about it, but it is actually a woman’s feelings. It is generally believed that after the penis is erected at 7. 8 cm to 20 cm are normal, relatively short, long penis, in sexual life, as long as attention to sexual position, it does not damage the sexual harmony between the two sides. Therefore, when a husband and wife live in a sexual life, when the sensitive wife perceives that the husband is worried about the size of his sexual organs, the correct way is to tell him that this does not have much impact on your sexual life. As long as the husband is fully engaged, you will Will feel good. This can greatly enhance the confidence of the husband. Second, fear that the wife can not get orgasm. From the sexual physiology point of view, when the male sexual excitement reaches its climax, its characteristic performance is the appearance of ejaculation. Once the ejaculation is over, the male enters the sexual refractory period, for any sexual stimulation. No more reaction. The reason why men have sexual refractory period is a self-protection mechanism in the process of human evolution. During sexual refractory period, semen accumulates in male sexual organs, and the muscles of the whole body are relaxed, ready for the next sexual excitement. However, women do not have sexual refractory period. Some sexual science books often have such a sentence: women have the potential to reach orgasm several times in succession. Third, afraid of wife’s disguise orgasm In the husband and wife life, the sexual reaction and sexual information of the husband and wife can sense each other and stimulate each other. The reaction of one party to sexual pleasure will make the other party feel great satisfaction. As for the husband, if the wife gets an orgasm while making love, it can make him more sexually stimulated, and he will have a sense of pride and accomplishment. However, if you know that the other party’s orgasm is just a disguise, it will greatly damage his self-esteem and affect his sexual interests. 4. Fear of erection is not strong. Men’s erectile function loves the influence of many factors: the stress of work, the burden of life, the loss of marital relationship, etc., will make the penis erection poor, or even without these factors, exceed 30-year-old men also occasionally experience poor erections. Many men will doubt their sexual function, and some will blindly take a variety of aphrodisiac and kidney-reinforcing drugs to save their “declining” sexual function. Actually, as opposed to In the 18-25 year old male sexual desire period, men who have passed the year will feel less sexual impulses, but the ability to control is enhanced. 5. Fear of not knowing when the wife needs more caress and stimulation. From the difficulty of getting orgasm from women, the self-stimulation of women is naturally more likely to obtain physiological sexual satisfaction than the touch of husband, but sex is both. Things, mutual caress, mutual stimulation, and the whole process of completing a sexual life are far more perfect than being alone. Therefore, a wise wife should give more guidance to her husband. It seems that men’s worries are not completely unreasonable. However, sex always needs to be coordinated by both parties. The more confession to each other, the more pleasure they will get.