How to arrange postpartum sex life is healthy

After women’s production, their physiology and environment have undergone certain changes. Both husband and wife are immersed in the happy moment of having a baby. It is necessary to combine the characteristics of this period and conduct a reasonable life. The puerperium period is called within 6 weeks after childbirth. During childbirth, the vaginal mucosa is stretched, becomes very thin, and is easily injured. The vaginal wall begins to reappear 3 weeks after birth, but the pelvic floor and vaginal wall tension takes longer to recover. If you have sex too early, it can cause bacteria to invade, form diseases, and sometimes cause bleeding. In addition, during the puerperium period, the various parts of the maternal body will gradually return to the pre-pregnancy state, especially the reproductive organs. The enlarged uterus gradually shrinks, and returns to the approximate non-pregnancy uterus size about 6 weeks after birth; the enlarged cervix is ​​gradually closed after about two weeks; the endometrium is about 3 weeks postpartum regenerative repair, and the placenta stripping is slow to repair. Complete repair at 6 weeks postpartum; accompanied by the uterus rejuvenation, sinus closure and endometrial repair, postpartum blood, necrotic aponeurosis and other discharges from the vagina, called lochia. In normal times, the blood components gradually decrease, and it becomes white lochia in about 2 weeks, and then it is clean for 1 to 2 weeks. Therefore, sexual life should be avoided during the puerperium, especially within 1 month after delivery, so as not to cause ascending infection. In short, postpartum restorative life time is often restricted by maternal physical rehabilitation, clean time of the lochia and healing of perineal wounds. When dystocia, surgical products, residual placenta membranes or co-infection, the body recovers slowly, the duration of lochia is prolonged, and it is not suitable for sex before the lochia is clean. The advent of a baby in a lactating sex life adds a lot of fun to a small family, but it also adds a lot of trivia to the calm life of the couple. And the young wife who is the first mother will transfer part of her love to the “little angels”, so that they have less focus on the husband; at the same time, they are often too busy to breastfeed, change diapers, etc., and they are exhausted; or because of fear of perineum Wound pains and so on, so that their sexual desires become indifferent. At this time, as a husband, he should understand the changes and hardships of his wife, share the housework as much as possible, and give his wife more care, consideration and warmth; As a wife, we should fully understand that sex life is an inseparable part of life. It is a bond that connects couples’ feelings. It is very important to maintain family harmony and warmth. It is necessary to properly handle the sexual life during lactation, especially early breastfeeding, through the joint efforts of husband and wife. To overcome the gap between the two sides of sexual desire. When breastfeeding resumes sex again, couples should pay attention to contraception so as not to cause pregnancy. Most women do not ovulate during breastfeeding, but some people have ovulation during lactation. Therefore, contraceptive measures should be taken when sexual life is passed to avoid undue loss due to human flow. Postpartum contraceptive measures are based on the use of contraceptive films, condoms, contraceptive ointments. If both appliances are used at the same time, the reliability will be higher. There is often a period of amenorrhea during lactation, because the postpartum pituitary is “busy” to secrete prolactin to stimulate the breast to produce milk, reduce the production of gonadotropins, thereby affecting ovarian ovulation. It is also because of the reduction of estrogen, the uterus becomes smaller, the vaginal mucosa becomes thinner, the vaginal wall is less elastic, and the fragility is increased. Like post-menopausal changes, it is prone to laceration, so sex should not be rude and avoid vaginal laceration.