Sexual quality of life affects middle-aged couples

Recently, the China Population Propaganda and Education Center and the American Eli Lilly Company jointly held a press conference in Beijing. The results of the “Happiness 36 Intimacy Index” survey were published: the intimate relationship index of middle-aged couples is generally low, daily emotional communication is lacking, and the quality of sexual life is low. Problems such as decline have generally plagued middle-aged couples. Mr. Wang Shan, representative of the China Population Education Center, said in an interview that the survey shows that in the daily communication, when the middle-aged couple are alone at home, they choose to do their own affairs, occasionally have communication or almost no communication, accounting for 24%. And with age, the level of communication is declining; only 41% of couples often have intimate moves. The main factors that affect the intimate relationship between husband and wife are: the couple’s views on the same thing are often inconsistent or severely divided (45%), family responsibilities (such as children’s education, parental health, family economic status) (37%) and family. Life is not harmonious (27%). In terms of sexual life, the survey found that the quality of sexual life of middle-aged couples showed a significant downward trend. In this regard, the experts pointed out that in the intimate relationship between husband and wife, sexual life and emotional communication occupy two dominant aspects, sexual life is not ideal will directly dilute the emotional communication of husband and wife, and the lack of emotional communication will also affect the sex life. harmonious. Coupled with the various pressures that middle-aged people need to bear, this physical and psychological internal and external suffering may cause male ED problems. The survey found that 46% of middle-aged couples frankly felt more intimate after an ideal sex life. However, there are not many middle-aged couples who have ideal sexual life. 45% of middle-aged couples have suffered from ED problems. When sexual life cannot be performed normally because of ED, 76% said that there is always or will be complaints or unhappiness between husband and wife. Professor Zhu Jichuan from the Department of Urology, Peking University People’s Hospital introduced: At present, people’s health awareness and sexual attitudes are becoming more and more scientific. Although the rate of ED is relatively low compared with foreign countries, it has begun in recent years. Gradually rising. Most ED patients will turn to professional doctors for both physical and psychological advice, and hope to obtain safe and effective professional drugs to create a relaxed and natural sex life. The breakthrough treatment and help that men need to get on ED has become one of the most difficult problems in couples’ life. It is understood that the current treatment options for ED include oral medication & mdash; —— Among them, PDE-5 inhibitors are dominant (including Viagra, Cialis, Elite), supra-stem suppository treatment, penile prosthesis implantation, vacuum vacuum suction device, transdermal testosterone treatment and intra-penis injection. As well as counseling and counseling. According to Gu Bin, director of Lilly Marketing, from now on, consumers can not only obtain Xia Li from hospital channels, but also purchase in nearly 5,000 pharmacies in 10 cities including Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Compared with other preparations, Xi Aili’s 36-hour drug-effects make ED patients more free and selective. The “intimate, free-hearted” advocated by it is based on its valuable 36-hour medicine. Above the effective time ——— enables ED patients to freely and easily choose intimate moments in ample time and truly master their own “sexual blessings”. Wang Shan, China’s Population Propaganda and Education Center, appealed: Although the ED issue itself is not a social issue, it cannot be ignored that the ED problem has caused problems for many couples’ intimate relationships and affected the establishment and maintenance of harmonious families. Patients with ED should be given full understanding and care to work together to build a harmonious family and a harmonious society.