How can couples live together for a long time?

No one in the world is more intimate than his husband or wife, and no one has been with his wife or husband for more than a long time. Some couples can be together for a long time, and some couples are parting ways, so how can couples get along with each other for a long time? Don’t belittle your other half to recall, are you familiar with this? “You are a waste,” You are really useless, “You really have no interest”, “Are you still a man?” “You are not as good as my ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, XX…” and so on. Remember, you can argue, but there are rules. You depreciate each other and do not raise yourself. You can only prove that you are the same. The third person has a third party, which is the trigger. There is no sand in the eyes of lovers. People are more dead than people, and goods are thrown. If you are not an engineer, don’t bury mines or mine. Unless you want to detonate. Xiaobian recommended: User recommended The secret of love and love that makes you smash the sky: the fast secondary climax of the sex posture hits people not to hit the face, the people do not reveal the short, the so-called hit people do not face, the monks do not reveal the short, this is the rules of the game. Quarreling, not arguing, just want to grab the white, just want to turn over the old account, just want to defeat the other side, so the husband and wife began to pay back their teeth, each other short, tearing the face. You are my closest relative, you have to be unacceptable, you have to endure. But do you know? There is a knife on the head. Under the knife, it is the person you kiss the most, it is enough to bury the feelings, hate by love. This kind of pain, heartbreaking, has the strongest destructive power and is difficult to repair. Don’t look at quarrels, there are limits. Crossing the border will hurt your feelings. If you want to be good, don’t hurt anything, and don’t reveal anything. The mirror is broken, and even if it is round, there will be cracks. There will be shadows when you show it. “I can’t take it for granted.” Oh, you are wrong, you are finished? How did you get it…” Yes, I started to re-count, and I won’t give it to others at the last moment. I don’t give the other person a step. This is a common problem of couples quarreling. . Sad, the previous efforts fell short. Sigh, suffocate. It’s wise to see the red light that is quarreling. No matter who is right or wrong, the compromise will be blamed. The step back is that the person has already broadened the sky, benefiting the person to be heard, and slap a palm to give a sweet date, instead of relying on it, resulting in a silent ending. It is a good way to maintain a close relationship. Quarrels between spouses are commonplace. The problem is not to get deeper and deeper in contradictions. After the quarrel, both parties should actively seek ways to make up for it to prevent resentment. Resentment is often the beginning of a rift in a relationship. In the quarrel, it is better for one party to use a humor to resolve the tense atmosphere. It is not necessary to expand the contradictions and force the other party to be in a desperate situation. If you really broke up, divorced, are you really happy? As the saying goes, good words are three warm winters, and bad words hurt people in June. Impulse is the devil, understanding is God. If you are quick in words, you will lose more precious things. Emotions become punitive and the tongue is destructive. The two people dismantled each other, humiliated each other, hostile to each other, the time of mutual silence is prolonged, and the marriage will surely die. Therefore, you who love you deeply must be rational. Believing in you, quarreling, and even breaking up is not the ultimate goal. Of course, unless you are thinking about doing this. Guess what you like: Women’s fascination with sex skills, women’s temperament, hot sex, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: