Husband angry is the most likely to ruin sex life

We live every day, come into contact with people, deal with all kinds of things, and always have something that makes us happy, but some make us feel angry. People have the same feelings of seven emotions and six desires. Chinese medicine believes that anger is easy to damage the health of the body, just as “all diseases are born in anger.” Frequent anger and anger, not only affects heart health, but more importantly, affects sexual ability, which in turn affects sexual life. Xiaobian recommended: Under the night, “seduce” the secret of a man. How to “sexual blessing” is as follows: Let us take a look at the main aspects of “angry destructive”: 1. Erectile dysfunction is angry, most likely lead to erectile dysfunction in men. . Chinese medicine believes that in the “seven emotions” of people, the anger corresponds to the liver, and the emotion of anger is directly hurting the liver, such as “anger is on the air”, “anger is rushing to the crown”, etc. A classic interpretation of unhealthy emotions. The main ribs of the liver, the penis that the man can stretch and shrink can also be regarded as the “big rib” of the human body, so the ancients used the “Zongjin erection” to describe the erection of the penis. When people are often sulking or angry, liver damage can affect the “big ribs”, prone to erection problems, resulting in insufficient hardness. A study led by Dr. Trey Sidt, director of the Duke University Center for Integrated Medicine, also found that in a 40-year-old male population, the chances of erectile dysfunction in men who are often ill-fated are more likely than those who are less likely to be angry. Doubled twice. 2, female sexual desire is low, it will also affect endocrine, which in turn leads to low female sexual desire. Chen Bochen said that anger can lead to disorder of female endocrine system, and the body synthesizes more cortisol. If this substance accumulates too much in the body, there will be problems such as irregular menstruation, amenorrhea or early arrival of the menstrual period, and it will also cause liver qi discomfort. Qi stagnation and blood stasis, the occurrence of breast hyperplasia and other diseases, leading to premature aging of women, and then vaginal dryness, cold and so on. 4, reduce sperm quality If you want a healthy baby, it is best not to be angry. Because of anger, it will reduce sperm quality. A Swedish study found that frequent anger can disrupt the spermatogenic function of the testes, and secretions in the semen, such as prostatic fluid, seminal vesicle fluid, and urethral gland fluid, are also affected, which is extremely unfavorable for sperm survival. Reduce the chances of successful pregnancy. Chinese medicine also believes that it is not appropriate to conceive in the same room when angry, which will affect the quality of the embryo. 5, damage to the intimacy of the couple is the harm to the body, and angry will affect the sex life. Angry, easy to destroy the intimacy of the couple. A study published in the American Journal of Family Psychology recently concluded that if a couple is sulking, whoever ignores them will seriously affect the relationship between husband and wife and even cause cold war and divorce. “Even if the problem is solved by quarreling, it is better than being sulking,” said Howard Mark, co-chairman of the University of Denver’s psychology professor and family and marriage research center. Of course, anger is something we cannot avoid. However, if you have sex because of your anger, you must adjust it in time, you can tell the family, or you can transfer it through sports and other hobbies. (source: