How to make feelings last longer after marriage

Marriage is the best ending in love, but getting married doesn’t mean you don’t have to run a relationship. Emotional management is inseparable from intentions, brains, and emotions. If you want your feelings to be sweet and sweet after marriage, you need to learn a little trick. Today, let’s take a look at how to make feelings last longer after marriage. Faced with the two people, even if they are twins, have different opinions, not to mention the husband and wife. The running-in period is the process that every couple has to experience, and no one can escape. For example, the beginning of the possibility of life is not harmonious, women use LELO Ola to solve physiological problems and so on. The “run-in period” is the detoxification period of marriage. After experiencing each other’s venting, the life afterwards will become much wider. The focus of the run-in period is to have a good attitude. We must know that every couple must experience the running-in period, correct their mentality, face up to the marriage running-in period, and give them sufficient buffer space. How frustrating you are now, how smooth you will be in the future. Xiao Bian recommended: How to maintain a hot marriage in the first-aid marriage of marriage crisis is a marriage that needs to be paid is definitely not a play, not a family, it requires the joint efforts and efforts of both of you to make the marriage as perfect as possible. Looking at the happy men and women around, their happiness in marriage is often a gift from a “good attitude.” There is no unilateral pay in marriage, only the question of who pays more and less, and this kind of entanglement should not appear in marriage. This is the life after marriage. It requires you to work together to paddle the life of the paddle. No one cares about who you are harder. We only care about how far this relationship can go. Inclusiveness is indispensable for a marriage. It must be inseparable from each other. This is an indispensable foundation for a perfect marriage. It makes the relationship stronger. Presumably, most couples know how to do it, but they may not do it. So easy. After the watermelon is eaten, it is not so sweet after all. The feelings are the same. After the years have polished away the passion of marriage, the rest of the day is inseparable. You are no longer a day to kiss me. I can live a little day. Couples, you need more understanding and tolerance, and this tolerance is full of love. Accepting the TA Everything Since you have chosen this person to spend the rest of your life, you have to accept everything from the other side, not only the advantages, but also the shortcomings. Regardless of the nationality of the other party, no matter how strange his lifestyle is, this is him, the most authentic, this is the one who will spend the rest of his life with you. If you really love him, then learn to accept him, including his lifestyle. Accompanied by a person for twenty or thirty years Lifestyle can’t be changed overnight. Before you get married, learn to try to ask yourself, “Can I accept his lifestyle?” If you can, everything has an answer. Learn some quarrel skills. Almost every couple will experience quarrels after marriage. In fact, quarreling is not terrible. The terrible thing is that after quarreling, the feelings of two people are getting less and less. As long as we learn the skills of quarreling, we can Let the feelings get better and better, for example, learn to calm down and talk to each other for half an hour while quarreling, and for example, find more reasons from yourself when quarreling. You will find that quarrels can really bring you closer, provided you use the quarrel. Guess what you like: How to hold a man after marriage affects the sex of couples. Please pay attention to the Feihua Health and Sexual Channel: