Diaini: The Guardian of Happy Marriage

Couples live, do not have to fall in love, rice, oil, salt and vinegar tea, everything must be managed, everything must be worried. Couples live, how can the teeth not touch the lips. Even in a very stable relationship, there will be conflicts between big and small in the life. Dealing well makes the relationship go further, and even serious can lead to parting ways. Then, how can we let the feelings develop steadily in the trivial, trivial, and dense life trivia? Xiaobian recommended: To help you clean up the marriage garbage research, the problems that lead to the breakdown of the relationship between husband and wife are roughly divided into the following six types. Let us take a look at it. 1. Couples who are resentful of each other and who are unfaithful to each other. The feelings have reached a very serious level. This situation is manifested in the fact that you should not look at me. I don’t want to see you. The two sides are independent and do not interfere with each other. They often adopt a spectator, indifference and disgusting attitude towards issues that must be cooperated. This often leads to some unfaithful behaviors between husband and wife. One party’s infidelity often causes the other party’s unfaithfulness and resentment in a chain, and even retaliates against the other party with the same unfaithful action, and finally falls into a mud pit of mutual suspicion. I can’t extricate myself, and then regret it is too late. 2, bad temper, husband and wife conflict there are no two completely similar people, but there are two people who work together. Despite this, couples still need to maintain their unique personality when they live together. A husband who lacks personality will not get the favor of his wife. Similarly, a wife who lacks personality will make her husband feel like chewing wax. Poor personality temper is an important cause of conflict between husband and wife, so in the husband and wife life, we can not take the self as the center, the temper will come out, and we must learn to be considerate and tolerant. When you encounter something, you should know how to talk when you are calm. 3, sexual life is not harmonious, emotional breakdown Many of the reasons for divorce of couples is the breakdown of feelings. The most critical factor that leads to emotional breakdown is the disharmony of sexual life. Harmonious sexual life has always been neglected in China. In the meantime, harmonious sexual life occupies a very important position in maintaining the relationship between husband and wife. Many couples’ feelings are not harmonious. In fact, they are facilitated by this. Only “feeling dissatisfaction” is more docile and more polite than “sexual life disharmony”, making it easy for people to accept. If one or both of the couples have never been satisfied in the long-term sexual life, it is in any case affecting the marital relationship. In the face of boring sex life, we can use LEIO’s TIANI3 Tiani 3 couple massager to bring us more intense sensory stimulation and make the house more pleasant. 4. Economic problems, no matter which family the family is, it is irrelevant to the economy under any circumstances. The family’s economic income problem often affects the feelings between husband and wife and becomes the fuse of husband and wife conflict. The family’s economic situation needs to be within its means and used reasonably. In fact, this is not a question of spending more money and less money, mainly on the attitude towards money and how to arrange it. Once the husband and wife are entangled in the issue of money, the relationship between husband and wife will be affected, and the further development of the relationship between husband and wife will not be discussed. 5, relatives ask Problem, dealing with improper marriage is not a matter of two people, but a matter of two families. In this way, the problem of relatives has emerged. The relatives of the husband are the relatives of the wife. The relatives of the wife are the relatives of the husband. The husband and the family are both family members. This can greatly reduce the conflicts between husband and wife because of support and reception. Improper handling of relatives and problems not only affects the feelings of family members, but also affects the feelings between husband and wife. If the above five major problems are not handled properly, it is the ultimate cause of the breakdown of the relationship between husband and wife and the failure. Guess what you like: The best thing about leaving the house for a few days is that she doesn’t want to go home. Please pay attention to the Feihua Health and Sexual Channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn