A fatal injury affecting the husband and wife life

The husband and wife’s sexual life can determine the degree of harmony between the two people’s daily lives to a certain extent, and even determine whether the marriage of both parties will continue or collapse. Some couples have a disharmony in their sexual life, not only because men’s sexual intercourse is too short, but also because they have not used enough housework skills, but for other reasons. Today, let’s take a look at the fatal wounds that affect the husband and wife’s life. Some women who lie to protect the dignity and face of men never tell their true feelings about the house. In fact, the other party will only think that what they have done is your favorite way. In the end, it is often for a lie, with ten lie to round, so that the problem is rolling like a snowball. However, the paper can’t hold the fire. When the partner finds that he is being deceived, all the problems still have to be faced again, but it will be more difficult to sort out. Therefore, husband and wife should try their best to be honest. When facing differences, they should explain their reasons, highlight good goals, express their behavior for family consideration, and let the other party understand and understand the technology products have to admit, now Young people have the habit of playing mobile phones before taking a break. The rapid development of science and technology has changed the way people live. Many people are over-reliant on technology products and even seriously affect their marital relationships. Mobile phones, tablets, and online games have become the most common ‘third parties’ It takes people’s spare time and is not conducive to communication. In order to solve this problem, husband and wife can discuss, stipulate that they should stay away from technology products for a fixed period of time, go to the movies or go to the park together, and keep the marriage sweet. Xiao Bian recommended: How to maintain a first-aid marriage in a marriage crisis How to maintain a love for middle-aged couples How to be harmonious and not to listen to gender In terms of gender, there are differences in attitudes between men and women in the face of problems. Husbands often need to shoulder the heavy responsibility of making money and raising a family. In the face of problems, they generally focus on how to solve problems, focusing on only focusing on the key points. And when the wife is facing problems, she is more inclined to express, eager to be listened to, and to listen to the audience. In urban life, life is fast-paced and stressful. It is especially important to listen to each other. This is not only helpful for troubleshooting, but also helps to maintain marital relations. Both husband and wife should think more about the problem from the other side. If the husband is busy with work, it is best for the wife not to force her husband to interrupt. The husband knows that the wife has something to say, should listen patiently and be reassured by her. Separation For some reason, the husband and wife are separated for a long time. If you do not pay attention to communication, it will inevitably lead to a weakening of feelings. Over time, the marriage relationship will be submerged in the plain, causing an emotional crisis. Separation should be avoided as much as possible. If it is unavoidable, communication should be strengthened through various means. In addition to making a phone call, the presence and love of the other party can be felt visually and audibly through online video. The self-centered self-centered self-centered nature is a ubiquitous phenomenon. The only child has lived in the care of the elders since childhood, and has been in a single competitive relationship for a long time. This makes it easy for the only child to develop a bad habit that is self-centered and disregards the feelings of others. When there is a serious disagreement between the husband and the wife on the issue, it is prone to intense quarrels or personal attacks, and even physical conflicts. This intimate violent blow to the marital relationship. When you find that the other side’s voice is getting bigger and your mood starts to be excited, you should keep calm and separate quickly, and do space isolation. After an hour or two, sit down and talk. At the same time, three principles should be followed: 1. Accept the other party’s point of view, empathize; 2. Express your own ideas and let the other party understand; 3. Find the middle road and eliminate the inner barrier. Guess what you like: How to hold a man after marriage to affect the sex of the couple. How does the wife hold the man’s heart and emotional story? The couple’s emotional interest helps sexual intercourse orgasm. Please pay attention to the Feihua Health and Sexual Channel: http://sex.fh21. Com.cn