The problem encountered by the old husband and wife in marriage

Today’s husband and wife model is roughly divided into three types: one is a husband of the same age, the other is a husband and wife, and the other is an old wife and a husband. And today’s development trend, the old husband has the most wives. Girls are thinking about finding someone older than themselves, they will hurt themselves; men are thinking about finding a smaller one than themselves, simpler and less sophisticated. However, there are many problems in the marriage of the old man and his wife. Let’s take a look at it. 1, age problems, old husband and wife, the first is the problem of age. For the current society, it is still difficult to accept this form of marriage with a relatively large age gap. Although marriage is a matter of its own, how others think we can’t care. But the secular vision will kill people. When we walk on the street, can we accept the strange vision and pointing of others? Moreover, as he grows older, he will be older than himself, just like a dad leads a woman. At that time, are you still able to stick to the world and stick to yourself? 2, parents, if the age of the old husband and wife is large, the most difficult to accept is the parents of the traditional thinking. They will be extremely objectionable, just as the 30-year-old actress Gu Xiaolan, who is 50-year-old fiance, Ouyang Jian, came home to see her parents when she came home to see her parents, especially the father Gu Hai, seeing herself and herself. “Quasi-female girl” with the same age I couldn’t bear it. I even shot Ouyang Jian, and even my daughter’s wedding refused to participate. The relationship between father and daughter was once in the cold war. But for this kind of problem, parents should be mindful. If two people are not combined for some purpose, as long as the two people who love each other think it is very suitable. If the parents can’t correct their mentality and always interfere with the child’s relationship, the old man and the child are very painful, and the child’s rebellious psychology is also enhanced. Therefore, it is better for the elderly to adjust in time. 3, life habits problem When two people step into the marriage, the romance gradually fades, the trivial things of life follow. Young wife, who likes to play, loves snacks, likes to stay up late; but the old husband likes to be quiet and likes to work and rest. This has led to the problem of living habits of two people. In the face of this problem, both husband and wife should not pretend to be themselves, unless they can really change their habits for each other. Generally speaking, before marriage, both parties should see each other’s shortcomings and see if they can accept them. Both of them should face each other with a true image, so that they will be psychologically prepared before marriage, and look after marriage. The advantages of each other, learn to be tolerant. 4, the child’s problem many old husbands and wives, older people are likely to have a child with his predecessor. Therefore, how to get along with children after marriage is a problem. If you are harmonious with each other, it is still good. If it doesn’t, it will make you feel uncomfortable. Many children see that after their parents remarriage, they will have some inferiority and mentality, and their love will be deprived by others. At this time, “less wife” should use his own love to alleviate this embarrassment and tell the children, “After Dad’s remarriage, it is not to reduce your love, but to superimpose, there are more people to love you.” If you see that your spouse is more concerned about your child, this situation can’t be avoided. You should be prepared before marriage and know more about each other and understand each other. 5, care for women are eager to be loved by their husbands, this is an indisputable fact. Perhaps, when he was just married, he was older than you, taking care of you, caring for you, caring for you, and making you feel surrounded by happiness. However, when he is old, his body will have many conditions. And when you are young, you have to take care of him too early. This is not a day or two. Can you do it well? Of course, we have to think more about the time when the other person takes care of us, and this is also the time for us to give back. The husband and wife should support each other and love each other. However, for this, we must be psychologically prepared. It is not a short-lived thing. The above old husband’s problem of wives and wives needs us to consider. If you really choose a person who is much older than you, you should consider this question at the same time, and how much you can afford and how much to solve. Of course, as long as two people are truly in love and work together, they will always have a happy ending.