The four elements of a harmonious life for husband and wife

The harmony of sexual life determines whether a couple is happy. When many couples get married, the quality of sex is high and their satisfaction is high. However, as the time of common life increases, the heat of love declines and the degree of harmony begins to decline. In the long run, the marital relationship will be affected. If you want to keep your sexual life in harmony, you must follow these four elements. Sex is random. Making love is random and casual. Don’t force it, don’t fix it. For some couples, it is better to have sex once a month, and both parties are satisfied. Some people may feel satisfied if they do five times a week. This is an individual difference and cannot be forced to be uniform. As long as the two sides see each other with sincerity and understand their feelings, they will be coordinated and will not be confused with each other, otherwise a vicious circle will be formed. Sex can be warm. Men generally believe that gender contact must contain behavior, which is wrong. Sexual life involves many aspects, not necessarily accompanied by the excitement of sexual intercourse. Women are most aware of the fact that as long as there is some kind of thoughtfulness, it is enough. That is to say, when the wife actively embraces you, it is not about sex. Maybe she just wants to find a warm feeling. Xiao Bian recommended: couple sex class remedy boring sex love “marriage defense war” must be a regular weapon to have regular and regular sex is not to bind it, but to maintain a balance. For example, a young couple is once a week, a middle-aged couple is half a month or once a month. Don’t let cold life live, don’t let it disappear from marriage, make love regular, and achieve harmony, and keep each other’s feelings constant. Sexuality requires a couple when the couple are alone, they can order candles for dinner; or two people cover the blankets, watch the moon chat on the balcony, and relive the first love tenderness. Nowadays, many couples are also fashionable to have a “lover’s way of making love”, that is, to go to the hotel to go to the hotel from time to time. To enjoy sex in a casual way, the mood is often very relaxed, which can both dilute the pressure and increase the intimacy between husband and wife. Love has no fixed equations, and sex life is the same. Remember that creation itself is very happy. Another point is that there is no best way in the world, only the way that suits you. Guess what you like: Holidays do not be too tired to sweep off sexual life 4 obstacles to do love to demonstrate emotional stories couples emotional fun help sexual intercourse more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: Copyright: This article is copyrighted by Feihua Health Net, without permission. No natural person or legal person may reproduce or copy in whole or in part in any form. If you want to reprint, you must indicate it from Feihua Health Net!