Emotional classroom: 6 sentences that couples should not say

It’s a couple, it’s inevitable that there will be quarrels, for life, for emotions, for children, for many, but no matter how fierce the quarrel is, be sure to pay attention. If you go out, the water that is poured out, one will accidentally let There is a crack in the relationship between husband and wife, so be sure to think twice before you act. The first sentence: “How are you so annoying?” Woman, born with awkward words, but you must think that she said so much is definitely for you, other men let her say she disdain, even if you don’t like listening, directly Tell her, dear, I know, I love you, this is more effective than anything else, otherwise your sentence “How are you so annoying” will make your wife set off a “family storm.” Therefore, you want to be sharp, or you want to be gentle, you decide. The second sentence: “What do you know?” I don’t know if the women in the eyes of men are stupid. Many men say so in life, often saying that women are stupid and do not understand anything. In fact, is a woman really stupid? For her sake, she will become stupid? I think that this silly woman and stupid woman were also acquired in the pursuit of artillery. Are they not stupid at that time? So as a man Don’t hurt your sweetheart with such casual words, learn to cherish. The third sentence: “Hey, you are here to do this.” What is the reason for your wife to come back? I am afraid that only the man’s own mind can understand it clearly. If it is just for her to wash, cook, and do chores for you, Then, if you are still married, why not find a babysitter? Remember, my wife must be the most important person in your life, the closest lover, what she wants for you, because she loves you enough, is a hardworking performance. If you have a good wife, what are you craving? The fifth sentence: “What do you want to eat when I drink my drink?” Maybe this is to say to a full-time wife, but you must remember that this sentence is correct. For a woman, it is tantamount to insulting her personality, which is really hurtful. Being able to be a full-time wife is not a simple matter. They are busy with housework and husband and wife. They are the logistics support for the merchants. Don’t turn a blind eye to her efforts. Without them, you may not be able to work and start a business with peace of mind. They are not incapable of supporting themselves, but they have given up their careers for you. Therefore, if you want your wife to support you behind the scenes, you must do something before you do. . The sixth sentence: “If you can pass, you can’t leave.” When you feel that this sentence is noble, how much do you feel about your feelings? A woman gives you good youth to you. Do you give up halfway? It means that it takes only one minute to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone, but the husband and wife are also, but life is only a few hours in a hurry, not every moment. Beautiful scenery, not every woman you like can love you like your wife. (Text / Shun) Copyright: The copyright of this article belongs to Feihua Health Net. Any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form without permission.