8 kinds of behaviors of women make men unbearable

Tagore said that when God created a woman, he was an artist with a brush and a color box in his bag, so the woman would be so beautiful and changeable. However, the beautiful appearance may contain a cold heart, which is very understandable to men. For men, when women do the following things, they are the most powerful and cruel to them, and finally they will be left unbearable. Love is over. Flirting with other men In three cases, a woman will flirt with other men to arouse your embarrassment: First, she feels that I have not received the attention it deserves; Second, you have just had a big fight; She likes to look at your painful expression. For whatever reason, those women who are in front of their husbands or boyfriends and who are eye-catching with other men are not mature and have too much control. Pessimistically, her love is hard to have a perfect ending. Exploring you happily about the brothers to eat together, suddenly the wife called to ask you to go home, and there is no special, urgent reason. Of course, she knows that you have an appointment with a friend, just to test that you are not enough to love her, will not sacrifice for her. This kind of temptation is cruel and bad. This trick is a cruel means for women to use for men. For most men, sex is as important as breathing. A woman may use this to get what she wants, or just to punish her husband. But when the body is far away, the heart will also create a gap. It is said that men are despicable to beat women, but women are unambiguous in playing men. Some men are afraid to fight back because of “feelings.” It should be pointed out that even spoiled and joke-like slaps should be avoided, because no one knows whether it is light or heavy when they start, and accidentally “scarves” love. Putting a man as a wallet Some women go out to eat and leisure, never intend to spend money, because they know that there will be men to pay for their own charm, and some even take men as “long-term meals.” But this is a lot of tricks, and it will inevitably lead to the upper body, not only to incur a bad name for himself, but also to destroy a promising true feeling. Not answering the phone, the woman does not answer the phone may not be busy, but she does not want to pick up, or to see how long you can persist, or even want you to worry. But for men, it can’t stand it. (Text / small bad) For more content, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network gender channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn