Wife needs to “squat” her husband needs to “hold”

A wife needs her husband to care for and care, and she will be more considerate, gentle, and virtuous. Her husband needs his wife to give respect, and he will feel that he has face and discouragement. Therefore, the wife needs her husband to “squat” and the husband needs the wife to “hold”. Couples’ lives have this kind of mutual effort in order to get the desired return. The wife is a woman who is “squeaky” because women always need a bubble of feeling to nourish their sensitive and fragile nerves to satisfy their vanity. For a smart man, coping with a woman’s “smoothing”, you can say that she is not smart enough, but she can’t say that she is not beautiful; you can say that she is stupid, but she can’t say that she is not charming. In fact, women’s minds are like flowers, and they need to be diligently watered. Appropriate praise, even if it contains a little water, can soak her thirsty heart. In the final analysis, the money that a man earns is spent by a woman. His value is not only reflected in the success of the cause, but also in the smile of the woman’s satisfaction. Women are easier to satisfy, and men can do everything by simply moving their mouths. The relationship between the two will also increase. No matter what kind of success a man achieves, he is eager to get his wife’s understanding, affirmation and appeasement when he returns home. At this time, you don’t need too much. Just say “you are awesome” and comfort his body and mind. (Text / Small Bad) Copyright: The copyright of this article belongs to Feihua Health Network. Any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form without permission.