Interest marriage, husband and wife, feeling as thin as paper

Marriage is a common lifestyle of men and women protected by law. The basis of marriage is the relationship between the two people. However, some male and female marriages are rendered with a layer of politics and interests. Such marriages are called: interest marriage (political marriage). Interest marriages have existed since ancient times, and they are very frequent and frequent. Their purpose is mostly the same, in order to establish friendly relations between the two countries. In this kind of political marriage, women’s roles are like commodities, without any autonomy or choice. The victim of political marriage: During the Three Kingdoms period of Sun Shangxiang, in order to recapture Jingzhou, Soochow took the opportunity of Mrs. Gan’s death and made a gift to Liu Bei’s sister Sun Ren. I wanted to swindle him, and later exchanged Jingzhou. As a result, Liu Bei publicized and publicized it in the local area, causing public opinion and alarming Wu Guotai. After Guo Guotai personally interviewed, Liu Bei successfully passed the test. Thus, the original beauty, the fake drama really made a factual marriage. Later, Soochow re-evaluated Jingzhou, and sent someone to lie that the country was too ill, and called Mrs. Sun to return to her family. Seeing that it is going to be successful, who knows that half a way to kill a Zhao Zilong, intercepted the river and won the fight. Mrs. Sun returned to Soochow alone, and Sun Liu’s marriage broke down. The marriage between Liu Bei and Sun Shangxiang is a typical political marriage, but its original intention is a conspiracy, but it is not a cover-up. It is undeniable that Liu Sun and the two do have feelings, but the feelings have no basis, and politics takes the leading factor. Therefore, under the premise that the national interests are greater than everything, Sun Shangxiang goes away. Throughout the process, Sun Shangxiang was completely a “tool”, and the sugar-coated shells became “internal”. Although her temperament was fierce, she had no autonomy at the end, and the interests dominated her. Her emotional world was bleak. Light. Interest marriages often appear among the wealthy families and economic consortia. These materialists pursue only the unchanging interests. Their subjective consciousness is very secondary or even unnecessary. There are no eternal enemies, no eternal friends, and no deteriorating emotions. Only money will never depreciate. Many rich families and sons are not as glamorous as they look. They have no material desires, but they are very empty. The compulsive combination will not be perfect at all. The so-called strong twisted melon is not sweet, even if the boys and girls are born together, it will be “same as water and fire.” When the interests are contradictory, or the shackles of their own shackles disappear, the two will still part ways. (Text / Small Bad) Copyright: The copyright of this article belongs to Feihua Health Network. Any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form without permission.