The bond that maintains the emotional relationship between husband and wife – trust

Reflexive and sincere, Le Mo Dawei Only when we are sincere and false, can we be innocent and calm. One’s integrity can bring spiritual happiness to people. On the contrary, a person who does not speak honesty will make others suffer. After the divorce, their friends asked him why he was lying. Li Fan smiled bitterly: “I always mix in those places, I am afraid that my wife is suspicious!” I asked Zhang Qing why she would doubt, she said sadly: “This kind of person Too reassuring, he spends his days outside, how can I believe him?” The couples in the above case, the failure of their marriage, is not a fault or flaw in one side, but between them something is wrong. There is no honest relationship between them that can be trusted by each other. The biggest mistake of the husband is to be dishonest to his wife and want to cover up. As a wife, if you understand the husband a little more, you will have more confidence in your love. It will cause problems that are not necessary to cause the marriage to come to an end. “Marriage is valuable, honesty can not be thrown”. There is more than just a marriage contract between husband and wife. The marriage certificate is not the integrity guarantee of both parties. The true integrity guarantee comes from the sincerity of both sides. There are many “distrusts” after losing sincerity because of the poor communication; many of them are caused by the dislocation of the parties, and their so-called “suspicion” is just an imaginary. In short, no matter what the reason is, as long as the lack of integrity will be “suspicious”, the life between husband and wife will not be harmonious. Therefore, it is recommended that those who are still in this confusion: “Give others space, but also give yourself freedom; to be sincere to others, is to give justice to themselves.” (Text / exaggerated)