How to sexually accept or avoid sexual contact in love

With the development of love, it will inevitably lead to different levels of sexual contact between the two sides, and the development from love to sex is a very natural law; in turn, sex can enhance the depth of love, so that love continues to develop and sublimate. Sex brings the distance between two people closer. The development of sex will bring people unlimited fun and vitality, and improve people’s physical and mental health. Love is not only an important stage in the process of human maturity, but also an important stage in learning love and sex. If we handle it well, we can guarantee the happiness of our lives. If we don’t handle it well, we will not only turn our attention to each other, but also bring permanent trauma to our body and mind. First, sexual contact is inevitable. A 36-year-old young woman said in the consultation that she feels that in many relationships, she has nothing to say to her partner. She has been in a hurry for several months, she is in a hurry, her The family is also in a hurry. In fact, she is very talkative, but she does not know how to deal with each other’s intimate behavior. For half a year, she is not allowed to hold her hand. Her mother’s teachings always come to mind: don’t let men take advantage of you. The belief of “being as jade” made her refuse any intimacy of men and shut them out. Although her work is excellent, her body shape and appearance are very flattering, but her sexual attitude has caused her to suffer setbacks. She has entered the ranks of middle-aged people who are not focused. two. ABCD knowledge Some people in foreign countries divide the degree of premarital sexual contact into four levels: 1) hugs and kisses; 2) caress the upper body; 3) caress the genitals; 4) sexual intercourse. Among them, the third is the warning line, can not break through, the fourth is the restricted area, as long as it can protect itself. It is important to master these four points. Sexuality and sexual contact are broad concepts, including kissing, hugging, caressing, etc., but not just a narrow concept – sexual intercourse. three. Repairing the hymen healing wounds It is fair to say that it is unscientific to use hymns to represent women’s chastity. In some cities, civil affairs departments often fined in the form of a hymen during premarital examinations. This is really an abomination and tragedy. Because there is no medical evidence that the hymen rupture is caused by sexual intercourse damage. Moreover, this punishment for women only is a form of discrimination and insult to women. In recent years, in order to meet the needs of some seriously traumatized girls, hymen repair has been carried out in some places, which is beyond reproach. However, in the face of the operation of the new boyfriend, guilt and shame will certainly breed, and it is always impossible to get rid of the psychological shadow of “false”. The better her boyfriend treats her, the harder her mentality is. The expectation of self-confidence and psychological comfort before surgery can never cure the trauma caused by precocious relationships. Therefore, girls must be careful when they fall in love. They can’t follow the feeling Go, lose your mind. four. Harmfulness of Early Sexual Behavior to Men Many men believe that they are not harmful in premarital sex because men lack signs of proving boys. They rarely know that premarital sex can make them feel embarrassed and regretful. Because premarital sex often occurs in a sneaky and insecure situation, it makes men who are already nervous about their sexual ability more nervous and afraid. Therefore, there is often a problem of not being able to erect or premature ejaculation. The failure of the first sexual intercourse will not only make them depressed, but also increase their nervousness and fall into a vicious circle of repeated failures. Sometimes because women lack psychological preparation and sexual knowledge, this is not to understand, encourage, but to blame and devalue men, and worse, to make men lose confidence.