What does the first sexual intercourse mean to women?

The first time I crossed the mysterious line of men and women, she was so fragile at the moment she had faded the blouse, and his feeling was that he was willing. What is the first time to make love, what does it mean for a woman? Is it a passionate encounter? Or is it a pleasure? It’s probably not that simple. Even now, women are not full of cravings and joys when faced with men. “It is dangerous to have sex with men.” This is a warning that every girl who has just understood the situation of men and women gets from all parties. However, this is another “forbidden zone” that every woman who breaks into the love network will inevitably enter. Let us recall the situation at the beginning of love. He has found you among thousands of people and has a deep affection for you. You often receive the flowers he sent, and he picked up his phone several times a day, just because he wants to hear your voice, or because he just heard a funny thing and eager to tell you to listen to you. . Although deep in your heart, full of attachment to this attentive lover, and longing for his caress, a sensible voice has always reminded you in your ear: try to delay the arrival of that moment. Because the people who came over said that once the line was crossed, the situation was completely different. So, you make some jokes with him and make fun of his anger. You carefully look for excuses to dispel his eager desires. Your lover is impatient with your awkward tricks, and he is anxious to get you. He claims that your tricks have ruined his sleep and health, so that he can’t do anything with peace of mind, you are slowly strangling him, and finally he even deliberately praises other girls in front of you. Your defense is finally broken. You have sex. Making love makes you fascinated. The world looks so beautiful, and the original warnings have become nonsense. You are shining, your steps are light, everything seems to be out of the way, you feel that in sex, women are not passive. You enjoy the wonderful joys of men and women in the world and try to continue this happiness. But I don’t know from which day, he has not called you in the appointed time. Sometimes, for some trivial things, he will lose your temper and even tell you that he and his ex-girlfriend have recently contacted him. Over. The pink cloud on top of your head is set with a circle of lead gray. The huge sexual manipulation of your boyfriend has now faded significantly. He used to call you a day before; Now, you are waiting for his phone for a few days. When I was dating, I was so late that he was so anxious that I changed your mind and threw him behind him. Now the situation is just the opposite. After a rare meeting with him, the next appointment seems to be in the foreseeable future. And your self-esteem makes you shy to speak up to mention this. Like most men, he is vague about the concept of the future. Except for a while he wants to watch a movie or want to try a new restaurant, the far-off plan is to prepare for a few days with you. A place to spend a week, and your ideas have long been flying over a year or a decade. When he is looking for cheap flights when going on vacation, you are already looking for an apartment that is suitable for both of you. When he talks about going to a lot of places to play, you have started to set a name for the children of both of you. You are so different from him, men and women. After each sex, he with tired satisfaction, rushing under the faucet, and then fell asleep after a few minutes, as if he had just won a game. And you have turned over and over, it is difficult to sleep. You analyze his performance, his attitude towards you, and look at some things in the future. In this life’s happiest moment, your thoughts are like a three-level detective. You are sadly thinking of everything you used to control him. But since you crossed the line, your sweet control over him is gone forever. Maybe you just exchange it for a short time. The illusion of satisfaction, the loss is the carefree freedom. Men are proud of their sexual organs from an early age. They appreciate it, show off it, compare it to others, and in addition to its own function, it seems to be connected with the outside world. Women’s genitals are hidden inside the body. When women are still a little girl, they know that it is special and secret. When they grow up, they are more aware that women’s sexual life is completely different from that of men. A woman will become pregnant and suffer from childbirth or abortion. At that moment, men may or may not be there. Some of them may help you, others may not, but women will bear everything. So women must be extra careful. Contraceptives must work and avoid infections. Women spend a lot of effort to remove the secretions left by men on their bodies. Although they love men, men are a group of daredevils, always wandering away from them. Most of them are irresponsible and rarely understand the impact of having sex with women. They are hungry for sex, but they forget too quickly. In this encounter with men, women almost caught up with all of life. They have gained a lot and lost a lot. They tried Treat love like a man: sexy, happy, enjoyable but not overly invested. But they can’t get the kind of slickness of men. For women, sex is inseparable from gentleness and responsibility. And men always say: “Hey, your woman loves to complicate things, that is, sexual intercourse, and has nothing to do with other things.” No, he said it is wrong. For a woman, if it doesn’t contain so many emotions worthy of recollection, is it still love? When it comes to complexity, nothing is more complicated and tangled than the husband’s private connection with other women.