Uncovering the reason why men don’t want their wives to dress beautifully

Men love beautiful women. When they see their favorite crush, they take painstaking efforts and try their best to please the girl, appreciate them, and buy decorations, beautiful clothes and so on. The girlfriend is beautiful and bright, satisfying the man’s powerful vanity. This seems to be the matter of Guangzong Yaozu. However, the attitude of the man after marriage turned 180 degrees. After marriage, the relationship and role of men and women change, and the degree of understanding and restraint of men in their partners has increased. There is a peculiar phenomenon. After marriage, men will be bored with women’s dressing and appearance. After marriage, a man is not happy with a woman’s dress. In fact, it is not a love, but a kind of ugly wife’s mentality for a woman. Men do not think that they are not dressed for their own security. This kind of mentality is very common and can be attributed to their “ugly wife psychology.” In general, young and beautiful girls are more attractive to men, which can be said to be an evolutionary inheritance. In addition, chasing a beautiful woman will have a “face”, vanity also played a lot of role. Therefore, they will spend a lot of time to pursue beautiful girls, praise their beauty, and even generously buy clothes to please them. At this time, the man stood at the angle of the appreciator and felt that the woman was like a fine art, pleasing to the eye, with unparalleled appeal and charm. However, once a man takes home a beautiful girl and the sense of vanity is satisfied, the sense of security rises to a dominant position. People say that “there are three treasures in the family, and the ugly wife is a thin cotton-padded jacket.” Without dressing up and grooming, no one is jealous, it means a sense of security. “Cup of wine can solve problems, ugly women can be white-headed.” These common sayings also illustrate the same truth.