Single women should be alert to these bad habits

Many people think that many women are hard to chase. In fact, women’s little psychology is not difficult to understand. But women are generally embarrassed about sex life, but this does not mean that women do not expect sex, especially in some cases, women are very eager for sex, and even achieve “sexual hunger” a degree. Which women are most likely to have sexual hunger? The difference in male and female physiological responses determines that sexual harmony is not born with life. Most men only know how to follow the feelings in their sexual life and carry on by instinct. In the long-term evolution, the environment in which human beings live is extremely insecure. The instinct of survival requires men to end sexual intercourse as soon as possible, and beware of the harm of beasts roaming around them at any time; while female instinct requires half an hour of supine time to benefit The egg is conceived and “fixed” in the uterus (implantation). In ancient times, survival was only for reproduction. In the long history, “sexual harmony” was not considered! To a certain extent, sexual disharmony is born. However, as society develops to this day, human requirements for the quality of sexual life have been qualitatively improved. Women are no longer a tool for fertility, nor a tool for men’s libido. Moreover, the more educated people are, the easier it is to realize that sex is two-way and is the dedication of mutual love. The unhappiness of either side of sexual life makes sex life eclipsed, even without fun. In general, the responsibility for decisive harmony is determined by men, which is determined by social roles and physiological characteristics. The most common cases of “sexual hunger” are the following: 1. Sexual partner’s sexual knowledge and lack of sexual skills: This is the most common. Most men think that sex is instinct. “Don’t I even have sex? “Almost a common language for men.” As discussed above, the male sexual instinct is to end sexual intercourse as soon as possible and be alert to the beast’s injury. Men who only rely on instinct to engage in sexual life are difficult to bring sexual satisfaction to women. Long-term sexual dissatisfaction can easily lead to “sexual hunger” in normal women. From the perspective of enjoying a harmonious sex life, there are indeed many men who “do not even have sex!” 2. Sexual physiology is not coordinated: Generally speaking, after 30 years of age, sexual psychology and sexual physiology are more mature. By the age of 40, due to the decline of ovarian function, the level of androgen is increasing, and women’s lust is relatively high; But at this time their sexual partners – men who are middle-aged are often at the heaviest burden of life. They are too poor to cope with the pressure of work and life, and if there is no correct knowledge of sexual health for life guidance, they often have a decline in sexual ability, and now feel less than the past, it is difficult to meet the sexual needs of women. Especially for couples with old wives and wives, women are more likely to have “sexual hunger”. 3. Male “flowers”: This half is a moral issue and half is a physiological problem. We all know the flower man, but women should not neglect the protection of their appearance, the cultivation of temperament, and maintain the attractiveness of women. Some sexologists in the West said with a slight excuse: “Women are 40 years old at the peak of lust, but some women’s appearance has declined. Even her husband’s interest in seeing more is gone. This is the sorrow of women.” 4. Family disharmony: This is no longer a medical problem. The woman who said above refused to have sex with her because her “husband” found out that she was not a virgin at the time of her marriage. This situation is not as good as leaving him. There is not only one man in the world, there is no need to hang on a tree.