Men love love most afraid of women doing those things

In general, after a one-time climax, the sensitive part of the whole body including the skin enters an ultra-sensitive state. It only needs the husband and wife to hug each other and whisper, and refuses any stimulation. At this time, if you give caressing and stimulation, you feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. sense. Therefore, don’t be tempted by the theory that women can reach multiple orgasms in succession. Both husband and wife can share happiness and intimacy in sex, and a one-off climax is enough. Therefore, the attitude of the wife is the most important at this time; If the wife says her husband with suspicion, blame or sneer, it will only make the problem worse. The best way is to choose a husband’s mood better, or caress his sexual organs in the morning when the erection is good, so that the husband will no longer worry about erectile function. Second, I am afraid: I am afraid that I love time is not long enough. There is no standard for the length of love and love. Men tend to think that the longer the time, the better. They think that the longer the time, the stronger their sexual function and the higher the sexual skill. At the same time, time The longer they are, the more satisfied they are with their wives, so men often boast of how long their sexual intercourse has lasted in comparing their sexual abilities. In fact, there are two misunderstandings that need to be corrected: First, there is a difference between sexual intercourse time and sex time. The time of making love refers to the post-production of sexual life from the beginning of the preparation of the sexual foreplay of both parties until the end of love. This whole process is the time of making love. This process can last for dozens of minutes or even longer. Some couples go home in the morning and go home early in the evening. The meaning of the agreement is “tonight we have sex life”, then, in a broad sense, sex time should start in the morning. The time of sexual intercourse refers to the insertion of male sexual organs, until the completion of ejaculation, this time is not as long as the average person boasted. American sex researchers have found that the average American couple’s sexual intercourse is between 5-9 minutes. Are there men who can last for tens of minutes or even more than an hour? Maybe there are, but they can be said to be rare. The second is that even men can last more than an hour during sexual intercourse. Female sexual satisfaction is not directly proportional to the length of male sexual intercourse. Therefore, men should not be superstitious about the longer sex, the better, if you feel that you can not continue to your wife’s satisfaction, then increase the time before and after the play, or add some new ingredients in sex, try new ways, sex is the same Will make your wife happy. Three fears: fear that the wife will not get multiple orgasms. From the sexual physiology point of view, when the male sexual excitement reaches its climax, its characteristic performance is the appearance of ejaculation. Once the ejaculation is over, the male enters the sexual refractory period. Sexual stimulation will no longer respond. The reason why men have sexual refractory period is a self-protection mechanism in the process of human evolution. During sexual refractory period, semen accumulates in male sexual organs, and the muscles of the whole body are relaxed, ready for the next sexual excitement. However, women do not have sexual refractory period. Some sexual science books often have such a sentence: women have the potential to reach orgasm several times in succession. But this is a kind of “potential” and not necessarily. There are often some husbands complaining: “I really want my wife to reach orgasm several times in a row, but often It is often counterproductive, and sometimes the two are still unhappy. In fact, the reaction of women after a one-time climax is different. Most women need to continue to be warm and caressed, and the sexual excitement will slowly decline. This is a “post-play” process; some women after a one-off climax Sexual satisfaction can be obtained again by giving appropriate, appropriate stimuli, but the general level of excitement is lower than once.