What do you think of 4 expressions after understanding men?

It is difficult for a man to talk about sex in general. However, if a man is awed by “sex”, it must be a reflection of the so-called “refusal period” after the orgasm. At this moment, the man is weak, or has no intention of fighting, or throwing a helmet and abandoning his eyes, his eyes are congested, his eyes are confused. At this time, it is also the best time to understand a man, because the truth is naked, because breathing is a breather, no way to escape. One, a long sigh, he is an anxious man, like to express, after the summit, he needs to burst, although not passionate, but he thinks this will be a little more happy. These men are more cheerful and straightforward. The climax is also a burst of life for him. He does not hide his happiness and regret at that moment, so a complicated long sigh, draw a happy exclamation mark for his climax! He likes to drive straight into the air, in one go, and dripping. The thrill of it. In life, he pays attention to efficiency, is not procrastinating, and is more sincere. Hope partner: Call him with him, he likes your happy echo, but it is also the best encouragement for him. Don’t be dumb and eat silently like Huanglian. It should be open like a flower. 2. Shame-type He feels a little regret and shame for himself or “狰狞” or lingering or wild or muslim “fried rice”. He is a boring, usually decent, and rules, but when he is making love, he seems to be like “ The beast “helped, suddenly became angry, impulsive, or incredibly arrogant. Therefore, when he climaxed and recovered his upper body consciousness, he was awakened and embarrassed. At this time, he is a good teasing and cute. Hope that the partner: holding him, don’t say anything; Or you are more shy than him. Don’t be jealous, rap, and mouth. Third, the emptiness-type he is somewhat discouraged, some see through the red dust, feel all the effort or effort, so some lost, I feel that the good things for men and women are nothing. Such men are somewhat negative and pessimistic. He may be more thoughtful, but sensitive, easy to give up, and lack of patience. His fatal wound is a lack of fighting spirit. To be love for him is a test of two heavens. From the moment when heaven falls into the world, he hates not to learn Buddha. In bed, I like some procrastination, because the peak is the beginning of the fall for him. Hope partner: Fill your happiness satisfaction with smile to save his rout. Don’t talk about trivial things, keep the atmosphere and temperature of love on a certain scale, and keep it for 30 minutes. Fourth, the hypocritical type immediately pulled the quilt to cover the “ugly”, excuses “sleepy” and fell asleep, or afterwards, Zhuge Liang said a lot of reasons, such as “How can I do this”, as if he was not really himself, In the subconscious, I feel that sex is not decent, so I keep talking about some digressions, diverting my attention, and not disrespecting the feelings of the woman at this time and the desire to continue talking. These men lack a sense of responsibility, like to shirk, not dare to take responsibility. Moreover, in the fear of the truth, in life, it is often to avoid problems by escaping, rather than to solve problems by pointing. If he is stealing food outside, he must confess on the spot; even if it is homework, he will sigh and express consciousness. I hope that my partner will praise his goodness and his strength, and he must not provoke his tired nerves and let it go.