Get rid of 6 major shortcomings to help you get rid of singles

Do you have single men, do you have enough “women’s tickets”? Do you want to know where the problem is? When a man is dating a woman, the shortcomings you inadvertently expose may not be noticed, but the careful female companion But I have been away from you since then. Look at the following six major shortcomings, do you have it? If you find it, actively change it and get rid of the single body as soon as possible! 1. I don’t think about making progress. The idea of ​​”doing flowers and flowers, and unintentionally inserting willows into the shade” should have been abandoned. Everything is exchanged for hard work, intelligence, and wisdom. If you don’t want money, you want status, and money and status will run to your feet to make you jealous, then the world will not have so much dissatisfaction. Any man must set a lofty goal in advance, and a man with ambition will be radiant, self-improving, struggling, and endless. A man has no idea, hehe, like a walking dead, no energy, no light. 2, said that this kind of man is too clean in life, he is not at ease with anything he does, saying that he is irresponsible, from spending money to buying furniture to eating and eating, he has to refer Pointing, 100% care. This kind of man is not so careful, it is better to say that it is Luo Wei, can not give you a little quiet space, there is a place where you don’t want to be quiet, and others seem to be superfluous, hate to die. 3, shirking responsibility This man never thinks that you are a woman and wants to let you, in his eyes, women should take the initiative to pay, in front of the girl, he will be very cold to give you a look, telling you like a demonstration It is impossible to let him actively pursue you. When the situation shirked responsibility, the responsibility was pushed to the woman, and she fell off her sleeves and left, but also fell off her own cuteness and opportunity, and broke the woman’s feelings and good impressions on him. No woman is interested in this man who has no pity for jade. If you make love with such a person, he will not care about your feelings. 4, stingy, they are scheduled to announce in advance that the cost can not exceed how much money, please ask the woman to return after the meal, every time you please eat at the dinner table to open the meal how much money, he is telling others to send him A big human feeling. Women can’t get a little bit of light from them. Women are good faces and they are cheap. At least they must ensure that their interests are not violated. It is difficult for a stingy man to do it. Women are often desperately invited twice. To fall in love with them is simply ridiculous. 5, suppressing boring, they see life too heavy, serious problems, often ask what to do, often say annoying. The air where they are is suppressed, the dull atmosphere is easy to infect others, they can not see hope, more is to see the darkness and sadness of life. With them, you have to guess what he is annoying. Why is he not happy? Under normal circumstances, this kind of man will not chase the girl, and no girl will take the initiative to send her. Making love? That is a luxury. 6, lack of tolerance, they are not assured of women, not allowed to make friends with different sex, how long after work To get home, beware everywhere, this kind of man is narrow-minded, mostly violent tendencies, not inclusive, once a woman makes a mistake, it may lead to beatings. Being with this man is like spending time with the devil, and he is not in a hurry. They see that interpersonal relationships are too narrow, and the relationship between men and women is regarded as a male thief, or is too inferior; a woman who is extremely nervous will have a good sex with others.