What are the psychological preparations for cohabitation before marriage?

At present, more and more unmarried men and women choose to marry and live together, and trial marriage is beneficial but also risky. In this process, it is inevitable that there will be contradictions and quarrels or aesthetic fatigue. It is necessary to do a good preparation for 9 people to start a happy cohabitation life. 1. If you choose to live together, you must be prepared to discover his shortcomings that you don’t know. Before cohabitation, each date, each other is showing their perfect side in front of each other. After cohabitation, it is very likely to relax their vigilance and expose their true life to the other party. Since you have chosen cohabitation, you must be fully prepared to meet all the shortcomings you know, and learn how to be tolerant and adjust your mode of getting along. 2. Don’t ask the other person’s privacy. Cohabitation does not mean that he is your private property. Respect each other’s privacy even after marriage. Cohabitation does not mean that the privacy of your partner should be checked. He is not your private property, and his privacy is less necessary to be confessed. Pay more attention to your future and care less about his past, so that you are more likely to have happiness and security. 3, while simulating marriage life, don’t forget that life needs emotion, and occasional romance must be adhered to. Although cohabitation is an early stage of marriage life, even if you are really married, you still have to remember to add fun to your life. Don’t let life only have rice and oil. Remember to go out for a romantic date occasionally. It is also very good to watch movies after candlelight dinner. Good choice. Occasional romance can make your cohabitation life less boring. 4, do not live because of cohabitation, he is his wife, let alone become his nanny. Maybe you think that since they are living together, I have to take care of him and make him feel that I am a good wife and a good mother. In fact, this idea is a big mistake. A man who chooses a lifelong partner is definitely not the first to put you in the house. He needs more than just a life partner, but also hopes that you can communicate with each other. So don’t live together and enter the role. With his wife, a woman like a nanny can hardly win the favor of a man. If this is a thing that anyone can do well, there is absolutely no need for him to pick you up. 5, give each other a certain freedom, do not control him and his friends like a housekeeper. The relationship between two people is like a rubber band, which is too tight, even if it is elastic, it will break. When you live together, don’t start to manage the East like a housekeeper. Don’t call the call when he meets with friends. Give each other a certain freedom, and don’t let your cohabitation life feel depressed. 6. Don’t let the families of both parties get involved in your life too early. Don’t prematurely meet each other’s family, at you When our own cohabitation life is not completely stable, it is even more important to keep this in mind. The family’s problems are likely to be the trigger for your quarrel, or to enjoy and consolidate your cohabitation. 7. Cohabitation is not really married, there is no need to share finances. Choosing cohabitation really makes your relationship more intimate, but don’t be close to the point where even the economic income is not divided between you and me. In fact, the respective management of finance can reduce a lot of contradictions, and also make the other party feel respected. Never take over his wallet with the idea that you should. 8. Respect each other’s living habits and try to accommodate each other. In the cohabitation, it is a big problem that the living habits of both parties can be well matched. Many of the original harmonious couples could not coordinate because of their habits after living together, and finally parted ways. Therefore, we must learn to accommodate each other’s living habits and take a step back from each other. If the other person is not used to staying up late, you should not always be a night owl. 9, pay attention to the personal image, it has nothing to do with the plains, can not dress too much. Don’t let the other person secretly swear in the bottom of his heart. “It turns out that she is like this at home.” Even if you live together at home, you should pay attention to your own appearance, and you can do it in the face of the sky, but don’t appear in front of him, destroying the beauty in his mind.